Listen y'all. I go to Baylor University (a private school). Baylor is renowned for its medical school, yeah that's cool whatever (it's actually not cool at all because kids are so cut throat here sometimes its crazy BUT that's the topic for another article). Of course, this leads to some girls who are here specifically to find a future doctor to marry.

PSA: this is NOT the way to have your life aligned! Especially at Baylor, where tuition is 60k.


If you're going to a crazy expensive college just to find a man, oh honey, PLEASE get your priorities in check.

First off, college is about bettering yourself, whether academically or socially. Do it! Study! Make New Friends! If you spend your whole time at college fixating on guys, you're not going to get anything out of it AND you'll be out the price of a medium-sized house here in Texas.

Second, if you spend all of your time looking for a guy, you're going to attract the wrong guy. Be patient and focus on other things. A relationship will come in its own time.

Third, why do you want to attach all your present and future value on someone else? What happens if you do find that dream guy in college, but after you two are married, he's not a dream anymore? Will you have any means of living on your own? You are worth WAY more than that to begin with, and you'll be worth WAY more than that if you take these years here to invest in yourself by getting a worthwhile degree with the goal of figuring out life after college, not with any boy.

I promise this is the better route. It may be a little harder (we're all currently drowning in homework), but it is the better option! Get comfortable with yourself and who you are, don't focus so much on being so "lonely" when in reality you're just single, and go out there and kick some booty!