It's time to think about why we really go to college. We all have different reasons but the most standard one is to get an education that will allow us to find a job in the future. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses; You may be great at math but I may be better at history. Every single person has their own definition of what is hard based on personal experience. When you were in high school, you may or may not have judged other people based on whether or not they were taking an AP, honors, or regular class. That doesn't stop in college. We all like to judge each other based on our majors and the classes we take. Not to point fingers, but most of the time it's the science majors who are making fun of the English majors, Psychology majors, Business majors, and so on.

We all understand that being a science major requires an enormous amount of time and effort but it's not like business majors don't have it rough as well. Many of my friends are majoring in finance and marketing. They may not be taking Chemistry, but they are taking Introduction to Financial Accounting, which is also very difficult. Picking a major is one of the most difficult tasks you have to do in college. It is completely based on your own interests and what you excel at. Someone's passion could teaching, making them an education major. Even though it may not be as hard as biology, this is what they are interested in. For the rest of their lives, they want to be teaching and inspiring the next generations to come. Obviously, they don't need to be taking an extremely difficult math class but they will have to be taking some difficult psychology class. Not only do people pick majors on what their most passionate about but they also choose based on how much effort they really want to put into it.

I knew coming into college that even though I'm not terrible at science, I wasn't willing to put in the effort to take all of those classes. It's all about knowing what is best for you. Don't pick a certain major just because you feel like you're being forced. College is all about you. You should not be judging another person based on their major. We are all living different lives. You have no idea what each person is going through and their reasons for picking that major. We must support each other because college is hard. It's a completely new environment that we have never experienced until that moment.