Stop Being A Slave To Yourself

Stop Being A Slave To Yourself

It's possible.

In a day and age of "anything goes" and "Just do you, boo," it is easy to become confused and a tad distressed, especially if you are in your early 20s. You are no longer a teenager, but you're not quite an adult yet, either. The tide of the world's ideas and morals begin to push and pull you stronger than ever before. In high school, you had your close group of friends who share the same morals and values you do. When you got to college, you stayed close to those church friends of yours and people who want to lead you to Christ. But as the years pass, you are ready to branch out into different groups and walks of life. You see the importance of understanding life from a vast view of perspectives in order to become a more loving and vulnerable person. It is wonderful, exciting, and adventurous.

The only downside is this. You are no longer in a bubble. Each day comes with a different itinerary of temptation. The devil is there and he is crouching at the door when you walk out in the morning. Sometimes, all it takes is for you to say, "In the name of Jesus, just get away, fool!" But other days it feels as if you are wrestling with him again and again. You doubt yourself, you doubt God, you ask yourself is it really all worth it? Can I really continue to follow Christ? It's so hard! It would be so much easier to fit in! People like me better when I cuss and drink and behave recklessly. I'm cooler that way. I'm in the Army for goodness sake! I can't be a little b----!

And, then, other doubts follow afterward. "Am I really ever going to get married?! Nothing in me wants to be married. Will I ever have the desire to? But can I really wait until I'm 30 to have sex? That's a long time! Will I even be attractive then? If I have to wait that long I might as well join the nunnery!" And then Satan's voice is loud and very annoying. "You can never do it, Sarah. So just give it up now. No one else is waiting, why should you wait? Enjoy yourself! Have fun!"

But then a quiet voice comes from within. A voice of unrelenting love. It is so gentle and so tender. It has the ability to calm any tempest and mental anguish. It says my name. God says my name. It is beautiful and wonderful and I would travel the galaxy to hear it again. "Trust. Me". And then I begin again..."But's so hard..." And again, I hear Him. "Trust Me, my child." And before I can debate again, an otherworldly peace comes over me. It is so strong and thick and deep I can almost touch it. I am surrounded like an ocean. I am immersed in safety, love, and the permission to be vulnerable. I unleash it all on Him. "God, I need your help! I struggle with wanting to drink, I struggle with lust, I struggle with loving myself. I struggle with pleasing others... I struggle with loving my body, I struggle, Lord! I need you. I need you to take away these desires right now. The desire to become intoxicated. The desire to be "One" with someone, the desire to be accepted by the opposite sex, the desire to be liked by everybody!"

I begin to feel weight lifted off me and the responsibility to determine my own future. Over the next second, minute, day, and days afterward, I feel desire leave me. The desires I have asked God to save for a different stage of life. I no longer have to be a slave to my sin and my mind day in and day out. I no longer have to desperately attempt to subdue my sinful flesh. I am free to love and to live life to the fullest.

"For your father knows what you need before you ask him" (Matthew 6:8) and "Even before a word is on my tongue, behold, O Lord, you know it altogether" (Psalm 139:4). And I am reminded that I do not have to continue living day-to-day fighting these demons by myself. No, I have the creator of the universe, capable of doing anything and everything. I have Jesus Christ, sent for this exact purpose.

"For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery" Galatians 5:1.

We all have things we harbor in the darkest corner of our hearts and minds. We all have things we struggle with. But one thing I can say is: give it to God today. Choose freedom over your flesh. You won't be disappointed.

Cover Image Credit: Denise Demetry

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6 Things You Should Know About The Woman Who Can't Stand Modern Feminism

Yes, she wants to be heard too.


2018 is sort of a trap for this woman. She believes in women with all of the fire inside of her, but it is hard for her to offer support when people are making fools of themselves and disguising it as feminism.

The fact of the matter is that women possess qualities that men don't and men possess qualities that women don't. That is natural. Plus, no one sees men parading the streets in penis costumes complaining that they don't get to carry their own fetus for nine months.

1. She really loves and values women.

She is incredibly proud to be a woman.

She knows the amount of power than a woman's presence alone can hold. She sees when a woman walks into a room and makes the whole place light up. She begs that you won't make her feel like a "lady hater" because she doesn't want to follow a trend that she doesn't agree with.

2. She wants equality, too

She has seen the fundamental issues in the corporate world, where women and men are not receiving equal pay.

She doesn't cheer on the businesses that don't see women and men as equivalents. But she does recognize that if she works her butt off, she can be as successful as she wants to.

3. She wears a bra.

While she knows the "I don't have to wear a bra for society" trend isn't a new one, but she doesn't quite get it. Like maybe she wants to wear a bra because it makes her feel better. Maybe she wears a bra because it is the normal things to do... And that's OK.

Maybe she wants to put wear a lacy bra and pretty makeup to feel girly on .a date night. She is confused by the women who claim to be "fighting for women," because sometimes they make her feel bad for expressing her ladyhood in a different way than them.

4. She hates creeps just as much as you do. .

Just because she isn't a feminist does not mean that she is cool with the gruesome reality that 1 in 5 women are sexually abused.

In fact, this makes her stomach turn inside out to think about. She knows and loves people who have been through such a tragedy and wants to put the terrible, creepy, sexually charged criminals behind bars just as bad as the next woman.

Remember that just because she isn't a feminist doesn't mean she thinks awful men can do whatever they want.

5. There is a reason she is ashamed of 2018's version of feminism.

She looks at women in history who have made a difference and is miserably blown away by modern feminism's performance.

Not only have women in the past won themselves the right to vote, but also the right to buy birth control and have credit cards in their names and EVEN saw marital rape become a criminal offense.

None of them dressed in vagina costumes to win anyone over though... Crazy, right?

6. She isn't going to dress in a lady parts costume to prove a point.

This leaves her speechless. It is like the women around her have absolutely lost their minds and their agendas, only lessening their own credibility.

"Mom, what are those ladies on TV dressed up as?"

"Ummm... it looks to me like they are pink taco's honey."

She loves who she is and she cherished what makes her different from the men around her. She doesn't want to compromise who she is as a woman just so she can be "equal with men."

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My Adoption. My Life. My Business.

PSA: Stop trying to fit me into a box. Thanks.


I want to start off by saying that I love being adopted. I don't wish for my life to be any different, and I wouldn't change the past, either. I love all the amazing people it's brought into my life. I love all my amazing family and friends. But most importantly, I love the amazing mom it's given me. I could not have been any luckier when it comes to my mom. She is amazing, understanding, strong, and someone I will always admire.

But some days being adopted can be annoying.

As a child, my race or my culture made sense to me...until third grade. My teacher assigned the class a culture project about our families and where we come from. Both my parents are Polish, therefore I know quite a bit about Polish culture. I was so excited and couldn't wait to talk about my family's culture and traditions. When it was my turn to present, I stood up in front of all of my classmates, looked at their faces, and said, "My family has a very strong Polish culture." The minute those words left my mouth, confusion appeared on everyone's faces. I saw them whispering to one another; some of them were making faces. I felt my face getting red and my hands start to sweat. I thought I had done something wrong or said the wrong thing.

I was adopted and came to the United States when I was three months old. As I've gotten older, some common questions I encounter are "'re an Asian girl with a white girl accent?" or "You're from Korea but you don't speak Korean?" I don't take it personally, I just simply respond with, "I'm adopted." Most people nod their head in an understanding fashion, but others are still confused and continue to question.

Look, I get it, you look at me and you can clearly tell I'm Asian. Anyone would assume that I only practice Asian culture and not Polish culture, which I understand. People always ask questions after I tell them I'm adopted, which is also fine, but they always want my whole life story. But they don't really want my whole life story, they just want the easy, short, five-minute version. Even when I'm done that speech, they still have comments and questions, which is where I get irritated.

My parents wanted their daughter to be a part of THEIR culture and THEIR traditions, which is what most parents hope for. People try to tell me I'm "not Asian enough," or that "I should do more Asian stuff," and even question "why I know Polish stuff." These questions are not even because they are curious about me, they are just questions that these people need answers to in order for them to understand the situation. They try to shame me for my outside not matching my inside.

When I was younger, these questions would get in my head. I would consider the idea that they were right. That I should try and know more Korean things, try to "be more Asian." I started to feel like I was doing something wrong or that I was breaking some social rule. But then I would try and "be more Asian," only to be told I was a "typical Asian" or that I only like those things "because I'm Asian."

As I've grown up, I've come to the conclusion that I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't. I learned that I can't please everyone and that I shouldn't have to. If I like who I am, then who cares what others think?

That being said, I just have one thing to say to those people: Mind your own damn business.

In my eyes, I am the perfect amount of Korean and Polish. Stop trying to tell me who I should be or what I should know. Stop telling me what I should and shouldn't like.

Most importantly, stop trying to figure out which box I belong in.

I am perfectly okay with not fitting in a certain category. Being adopted has made me more open-minded and taught me to never believe in stereotypes. I love that my life is this big melting pot of cultures. If I like something, it's because I like it, not because it's common among my race and vise versa. Being Korean AND being Polish are big parts of who I am. If that doesn't make sense to people, that's not my problem. I am who I am, and I love who I am.

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