"Are you going to that party on Saturday?"

"I don't know, probably… I feel like I should."

How often does that come out of your mouth? Not often? Well good. That means that you do what you want. However, if you're anything like me then you are constantly trying to please people.

I spend my life trying to make everyone happy. I try to keep all friends happy with me and each other, I attempt to keep my parents and teachers happy with me at all times and even strangers. I want everyone to be happy because I'm a people pleaser.

This sounds like wow; she is so positive! She must have the happiest life ever.

And don't get me wrong, I do. I love my life, but sometimes I forget that this is MY life. I am allowed to live it how I want, rather than living it for someone else.

I'm not saying I want to be selfish, but I don't think you're living your life for YOU if you're too selfless.

Sometimes I find myself at a party that I didn't want to go to. Or at a church for a religion that I don't believe in.

A friend asked me to go and the worst thing ever if letting a friend down, so I do the things I don't want to do.

Therefore, if you can relate to the majority of these... You're a people pleaser, too.

1. You avoid conflict

You just let the other person win, rather than fighting. (even though you know you're right.

2. You're indecisive 

Its hard to choose where you want to eat, because what If the other person doesn't what that??

3. You let people take advantage of your niceness

People know you and know you are going to do what the rest of the group wants and they don't take your opinion into consideration.

4. Never say no to plans

You get scared that someone will say mad if you say no... therefore you have 17 places to be on Saturday night and instead of going to any of them, you are sitting there wondering how you are going to go to all of them.

5. Apologize for everything

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Whether the apology relates to you breaking their TV or them bumping into YOU... you're always the sorry one.

If you can relate to many of these points, you may be a people pleaser and you NEED to snap out of it. Live your life for YOU because you can't please them all.