Originally, the American Government system was created with the earnest intention of giving the American people the ability to choose how they want the country run. Our destiny was put in our hands.

Now, we've come to a place where there are really only two political parties with very opposing views and not much in between. Yes, we are able to nominate our candidate for that party, but still, we have come to a place where we aren't putting what we want in government, but rather choosing what most fits what we want.

Ideally, American voters look at each candidate and dissect all of their stances to see who most lines up. Yes, compromises will have to be made, but at the end of the day, you're getting most of what is important to you.

Unfortunately, there is a massive phenomenon sweeping many groups in the country that we like to call "being a one issue voter." I've noticed it most with social issues and the people those issues are important to -- issues like abortion, LGBT inclusion, or specific foreign policy issues like Israel, but it does occur with other issues as well.

What happens is people look at presidential candidates and their parties, and instead of taking the time to read up and learn a little bit about the individual who could potentially be running the free nation that we live in for the next eight years, they see "pro gay marriage," or "anti-abortion," or "pro-Israel," and without a second look, they say to themselves, "Well, he/she's got my vote!" And that's the end. Two minutes is all it takes people to put the fate of their country and their lives in the hands of someone.

Well guess what, there is a heck of a lot more to how your daily life will be affected by the government aside from whether you can get an abortion or not. Maybe the wall between America and Mexico is really important to you -- but even after that you still are going to have to pay taxes, need healthcare, worry about gun control. One thing cannot be your be all end all. The way the democratic system works is that we get to choose what affects our life, but if you aren't taking the time to care about more than one issue among hundreds, you're relinquishing that right.

Listen, everyone has issues that are important to them. I'm not saying you shouldn't. But I hear too many people say, "How can you vote for Hillary?! She's anti-Israel!" Or "Trump? Are you crazy? The republicans are anti-LGBT rights!" Have you checked out the candidate's fiscal stances? Environmental? Their opinions on immigration? Healthcare? If the answer is no, then do not talk to me or anyone about politics. If the answer is yes, if you've educated yourself and made decisions you believe in, then I don't care if your opinions are the complete opposite of mine, I respect your political opinion.

When you vote for someone, you are saying that person's opinions are representing your own. You have to be able to back up that vote when people question you and the opinions and stances you are choosing to represent you - one stance will not suffice.

Please, I beg of you, for the sake of our country, do not vote for someone because they put one opinion that you happen to agree with in a pretty package with a bow. Explore your options and their opinions. Make sure you know who you're voting for. Make sure you are representing yourself because it's not only affecting the next four to eight years of your life: it's affecting all of us.