Steps To Having A Cute And Functional Planner

Steps To Having A Cute And Functional Planner

Organization Is Good, Right?

You may not realize it, but the planning community is MASSIVE. Don't believe me? Just type in the word 'planner' in your youtube search bar and see how many videos pop up. I am a part of this planner community. I have been extensively planning for over a year now, and I love every second of it. Something about having a written plan makes me so much less stressed by my life. If you want to learn how to start your own planner so that you can become organized and less stressed, you've stumbled upon the right article. I'm going to explain to you exactly what you need to start up your own successful planner. Happy planning!

1. Buy a Planner

There are hundreds of different planners that you can choose from. My personal favorite is the Erin Condren Life Planner. I love the colors, the covers, and the layout is perfect for what I need. It's not essential that you get an Erin Condren, but if you do, feel free to use my referral link ( to get $10 off of your purchase.

2. For an Added Custom Touch, Get a Personalized Cover or Case

I love having a planner cover that has my name on it. I have several that I bought through, but the one currently on my planner is one that I made myself with scrapbook paper and a laminator. If you have a planner that isn't Erin Condren, measure your current cover and cut down some scrapbook paper to use in order to give your planner a little more color. I also have a personalized neoprene case for my planner because I really hated putting my planner in my backpack and pulling it out with a million scratches on my brand new cover. The case is completely optional, but I adore mine.

3. Use Stickers to Set Apart Important Dates

This is totally optional, but I use stickers to mark the important events in my planner. It just makes them stand out more, and isn't it 10 times cuter than it would be without them? I use three different stickers to write down different events. I'll explain each one! The picture below is some of my washi tape and washi tape stickers. I've gotten more since I took this photo, but I just wanted to give you an idea of how many planner supplies I actually had.

-Washi Tape: I use washi tape to set apart events that are more than one day. For example, I use washi for week long holidays like spring break or Christmas break. If I have three days to take a test in my online class, I use washi to block off all three days so that if one day doesn't work, I have the other two to try and get the test finished.

-Washi Tape Stickers: I use these to show when important deadlines or dates are. I use them to mark test dates, essay due dates, interview dates, and days out of school. They stick out when I open my planner so that I immediately know what is most important. I store my washi tape stickers in $0.99 photo albums because I'm able to keep them organized and all in one place.

-EC Stickers: These stickers came with my Erin Condren Life Planner. I cut them in half so that they don't take up so much room in my monthly box. I use these stickers to set apart dates that aren't important enough to use washi stickers on. I put homework due dates and obligations I have outside of school on these stickers. That way, it still adds color to my planner, and I'm able to tell immediately that something important is happening without thinking it is a test or major assignment.

-Specific EC Stickers: Erin Condren also includes stickers that are already printed with specific uses. The only ones of these I really use are the doctor's appointment stickers.

4. Find Pens You Love

This isn't the most important step in the planning process, but I am all about having a good pen. My favorite pens are Papermate Flair marker pens. I LOVE them so much. They're bold like a marker, but they don't bleed through your paper. And they come in packs with 10-12 different colors, so your possibilities are endless.

5. Decide How to Use the Weekly Section

The weekly section of my planner has three smaller boxes for each day. Originally, the boxes are meant to be 'morning,' 'afternoon,' and 'evening.' Instead, I use mine for 'homework,' 'tests/essays/studying,' and 'other.' This fit better for my personal use because I am able to see at a glance if I have any important tests or major assignments coming up. If something else works better for you, don't be afraid to redo the planner to make it the best for you. Customization is the key to making a planner you love to use.

6. Keep It Up

A planner does absolutely no good if you don't use it daily. You can write in it once and completely forget it exists, but what purpose does that serve? Set aside a time in your schedule daily to check your planner and make sure you're up to date with what your obligations are.

Now I am one of the more dedicated planners who uses several different accessories to personalize my planning experience. Really all you need to start a planner is a planner and a pen. If you think planning might be for you, buy a cheap planner and see if you like it. If you become obsessed like I did, then spend more money on a higher quality planner like the Erin Condren Life Planner. I promise you won't regret it.

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39 Things Every Girl Should Really Know About Life By 20

38. When vacationing by airplane, try to fit everything into a carry-on.

1. Dispute ALL tickets... even if you were going 35mph over the speed limit.


How can it hurt? If anything you can save yourself some money.

2. If you're not 10 minutes early, you're late.

Your boss, your teachers, your co-workers... They all notice. Be the early one.

3. If you find yourself waking up feeling miserable, start the day by making your bed and washing your face.

Coming back to a made bed after a sh*tty day can change the world.

4. It's okay to fall off track once in a while. You'll only be wiser for next time. (Don't push it, though!)

When I say fall off track I don't mean COMPLETELY off... Just make sure you hold onto something that reminds you to keep going. You'll figure it out... Sometimes it takes years and that's okay.

5. Don't fight your family. They ARE always going to love you.


I used to fight my family and try to push them away... It was probably the dumbest thing I've ever done looking back. So, even if you say, "I'm never going to like them!" Trust me you will. Unless they're actually toxic a**holes...

6. Mom actually, seriously, literally, insanely knows everything.

It's crazy, I swear my mom is psychic. Or she can see the future. I used to do the opposite of what she said and my life was messier... Now that I found out about her powers I listen and things run smoother. Weird. Love you, Ma.

7. If an elder in your family tries giving you money as a gift or to cover lunch... Reject it first.

They won't stop insisting and they will force you to take the money even if you say no 3,000 times. So why not earn some brownie points and act like you seriously didn't need it. Meanwhile, you know how badly you need it.

8. An e-mail and/or a phone call goes a long way.

Don't pester... But if you're the one who calls to "follow up on a resume," a week or two after you applied, you're the standout!

Also, as a college student, I find e-mailing and staying in touch with professors builds a relationship and engraves your name into their brains. As long as you're good at writing e-mails and a good student, they'll usually instinctively like you more; seeing how much effort you spent on communicating.

9. If you hate school, just suffer through the attendance, and make sure the teacher knows your name.

Even if you actually have no idea what Descartes sixth meditation is about... Just show up, do the work consistently, and build a relationship with the teacher. They won't fail you if they see effort. (Just don't give them a reason to!)

10. It seems like the end of the world sometimes... it's not.

"And this too shall pass."

11. If you hate yourself one day (or even all the time), just pretend you don't.

Did you know our facial expressions can influence our emotions?

12. Line up another miserable part-time job before quitting your current one.


Waitressing, customer service, reception... We've all been there and it usually sucks (Unless your parents spoil you too much). So, if you need to get the hell out of there, make sure you have somewhere else to go before you quit. And give 'em a notice in advance, don't be a d*ck.

13. Traveling is the best thing in the world.


I don't need to explain much more. I think we can all agree we want to witness the beautiful parts of this world we've never seen before.

14. If someone doesn't say thank you when you hold the door for them...

...hit them with the classic under-your-breath-but-you-know-they-heard-you type of "you're welcome!"

15. Respect authority, even if you think you're right.


Just FULLY cooperate and it WILL be easier. It's also great to make friends with authority figures. Talk to everyone! Make connections and maybe you'll learn something new.

16. Spend time outside and in public.

After high school, you aren't forced into a classroom five days a week where you will have to socialize. After high school, you can decide to chill in your room and do nothing. But seriously don't make a habit out of it, you will end up feeling like crap when you realize you have no friends.

17. Don't roll your eyes at people.

So rude. Eye-rolling just makes it look like you're admitting you're wrong and you have no defense to whatever made you roll your eyes.

18. Life's a b*tch and then you die... But guess what? Even B*tches have fun!

mean girls

News flash, we are currently all in the process of dying. Stop worrying so much and try to have fun even in the dullest of moments.

19. If you're speaking about something professional, call don't text.

You do realize we still have a call feature on the iPhone, right? Use it.

20. Decorate the Christmas tree with your family amidst your teen angst.


It really seems like a horrible excursion to pile into a mini-van, cut down a tree in the freezing cold, and then hang shiny balls while developing a rash on your hand from the prickles... But down the road, you'll regret not doing it.

21. The D.A.R.E. program makes it seem like drugs are just freely handed out.


That sh*t's expensive. And you don't want to do it, anyway (Minus weed it's harmless, just wait until you're old enough!) .

22. Smile and say hi to as many people a day as you can.

You never know if you just made someone feel a little better or accepted.

23. Make sure the E-brake is OFF.


It will sound like you're dragging a dead body attached to your car and will ruin your brakes. Just double check.

24. Use all your resources even when it seems pointless.

Even if you learn absolutely nothing, you gain connections.

25. What's most important in life?


26. Know how to swim.


It is a basic skill everyone should know. You don't need to be Phelps. Just doggy paddle if you're really that bad.

27. If you don't have a firm handshake, learn how to, a**hole.


If you are a lady shaking a man's hand, strive to have a firmer grip than him. You'll either scare the sh*t out of him, gain serious respect, or get complimented on how great your handshake is! That's my favorite compliment if I'm being honest.

28. Step back and think before you explode.

Seriously dude, don't press send. You probably used the words, "like" and "literally" too much in your text, anyway. Wait 10 minutes and see if it's worth it.

Also, it's better in person.

29. Question everything.


Never assume you're safe or well-informed. There could be a murderer in that restaurant... Question anything that you aren't sure of. Hell, even question what you are sure of.

30. Don't trust a headline or statistic until you know it's credible.

What if you're looking at a bar graph from 1968, not 2018? You might think this is obvious, but there are clearly plenty of people who share false information. We've probably done it ourselves before. We should all work on that.

31. Park far from the store.


Walk, you lazy youthful soul. Unless you require a handicap spot or weather conditions are poor.

32. Take the stairs.

"I have no time to workout!" *takes elevator*

33. Don't text people when you want to tell them how you feel.

It only makes you feel good for like 20 seconds and then you'll probably read it back saying, "What was I thinking?"

34. Have something to be proud of.

Otherwise, you'll get lost. Life is confusing.

35. Listen to old school music, the classics, and artists who inspired what we hear today.


We cannot let the real instruments die people. Do you know how fun a jam band show is?

36. If you're inspired, act fast.

Don't let inspiration slip away. Sometimes it's easy to forget that great feeling.

37. If you start, finish.

Finish what you start and do the best you can at it. We all have off days, that doesn't mean you suck if you mess something up a few times.

38. When vacationing by airplane, try to fit everything into a carry-on.


You don't want your favorite bikini stowed in the wrong plane when you go on vacation. Plus you spent all of your money on Corona's and can't buy a new one.

39. Change your oil.

Love your car and it will try to love you back.

Good Luck!

Cover Image Credit: Emily Fahey

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To Any Student Who Has No Idea How To Deal With The Last Few Weeks Of School

We've all been a mess at some point, but high school is usually when you start getting crushed by the massive expectations of everyone and everything you have to do.

Dear very stressed student,

It's that time of the year — late May. For some reason, your teachers thought it was a good idea to hold all the major projects and tests until now and suddenly expect you to be able to study for and do well on every single one of them. And then there are extracurriculars to deal with. It might be an end of year music exam or the last game of the season. You feel like you're ready to explode from all the pressure and just can't wait until everything is over. Sound familiar?

The truth is, every student has experienced this, especially high school students. This is only my first year in high school, yet the pressure that everything adds to me builds up over time, and when the due dates come up, it's like a cold hard hand slapping you in the face, ordering you to toughen up. No one enjoys that, and it certainly doesn't help with morale.

One thing that most people don't understand is that these end of year examinations don't completely define your success. They certainly don't define you as a person. Some people can handle stress better than others, and not every test is going to be something you excel at. The next time you feel overwhelmed, try sitting back and thinking about all your accomplishments and the good things you've done to get to where you are right now. Surely if you're so stressed, you worked hard in the past to get yourself to that level.

Congratulate yourself, give yourself a little pep talk and move forward. Remember that in about a month, you'll look back on this time and laugh at yourself and how desperate you acted.

You also absolutely positively don't want to procrastinate! I know that it is tempting, and I know that your device may call to you. You must understand that you only have to stress about most of these things for a few more weeks, and then you get a huge weight lifted off your shoulders, no matter what you're doing in the summer. And sorry to break it to you, but hardcore studying for five hours straight will do nothing good for your memory or your health. The night before the exam, you either know something or you don't, so cramming will just hurt you.

Instead, try to make sure that you really know what you know and let instinct guide you on what you don't. Your first guess is usually right in pretty much everything.

SEE ALSO: My Ultimate Pep Talk For Students Stressing: What To Do When Everyone Expects It All From You

Make sure you go into whatever you're doing with a clear mind, with 100 percent of your focus on the task at hand. It may not seem like it, but it is a huge commonality for people, especially teenagers, to be thinking about something else or doing something else when they are supposed to be focusing all their efforts on what they need to do at the moment. I've experienced this firsthand and often caught myself contemplating life during my EOC testing when I was in the middle of writing an essay or reading a passage (oops!).

The truth is, you cannot completely control your thoughts, but you can train your brain to weed out thoughts that may be unnecessary at the moment. Meditation helps to focus your thoughts immensely. Just sit in a quiet spot and focus on one image or word. If other thoughts come to you (which they will), just leave them and refuse to think about them. Act lazy!

Take a deep breath and relax. Whatever needs to be done will be done, and you will end up doing it eventually. In the meantime, there's no point in stressing about something you have no control over until it's upon you. A little optimism never hurt anybody. Good luck on your exams, and walk into them with a smile.


Kashvi Mundra

Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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