8 Steps To Love Yourself

Finals are over, and summer is fast approaching. It is easy to forget or disregard your health during those times. But, instead of shifting gears to "summer body", we should adhere to the approach of "healthy body and mind". We are complex beings, and our bodies need to be respected. Thus, deciding not to sleep for three days and compensate with 24-7 caffeine intake is not the best idea. We do not need to constantly abuse our bodies by going from one extreme to the other. Rather, take the time that is available during the summer to focus on rebuilding a healthy mind and body.

1. Drink LOTS of water.

2. Step away from the laptop screen and pick up a book.

3. Skip a day or two of ordering food out, and make your meals.

4. Shut your phone off. Go take a nap, go to a park, or whatever you have been wanting to do.

5. Listen to good music, whatever genre you prefer.

6. Talk to somebody you love.

7. Make ONE change, no matter how small or large it may seem.

8. Write down something positive about yourself once a day.

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