More than half of the students in America proceed to college after they finish high school. College is meant to be an educational institution to broaden your knowledge. If you continue college after your first degree, you will eventually earn a "major" which is focused on a particular subject more in-depth.

College is supposed to help you learn the studies for your future job and help you see which direction to go in life. Throughout my three years of college so far, I can tell you that it has been a major learning experience. College has taught me the basic class knowledge and specific course knowledge. I have met new friends, moved to my own apartment, and am now working three jobs... it is OVERWHELMING!

Anyways... I thought about this and then did something...

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University and College Stress

If you have time, type in Google "University makes me" and don't push search yet.

Just look below at google's options that it gives you.

While reading these you will realize that most of them are pretty depressing...
They read off: "feel anxious, feel like a failure, feel stupid, and happy"

I can tell you that my university doesn't make me feel like this all the time... but yes it does make me feel like this at times.

The amount of stress that is put on students today is getting out of hand.

Yes, education is one of the most important things in life.

But, do we really have to put this much pressure all at once on one another?

University should be a new and exciting experience for many. But when it comes to adding meeting new friends, a whole new place to live, and workloads it can seem OVERWHELMING!

Throughout my time so far in college, I have realized how overwhelmed I can be and feel. I have had my fair share of mental breakdowns, rivers of tears, and "oh no I don't know how else I'm going to survive" moments. College CAN be stressful. We do feel pressure on us as students.

I have heard so many different problems and fears in college whether it be studying for an exam or trying to get enough money to pay off rent. There are also problems with not knowing what to do after college and being away from your parents for the first time. This can all be difficult.


In October of last year, I began to workout with a mindset and goal of releasing my feelings of being overwhelmed. I can't even explain to you how much this has helped me over the last several months.

Each time that I do a workout I release all my anxiety and stress. In the moments of exercising, I am no longer thinking of all the worries. Instead, I am focusing on my health and improving my body. After I finish, even if it is just a quick workout, I always feel like I am in such a better mood.

Studies have shown that students who reported to exercise at least 3 days a week (30 mins each) have felt to be happier and less stressed.

But since there are a large number of students stressed out and even depressed. Why don't we encourage more physical activity?

Being physically active can benefit students in multiple ways, not only with feeling less stressed but can feel better about their body image and health too!

Body image is a big cause of stress to some people in college. They are constantly comparing themselves to others and not realizing how special that they are. By getting enough exercise, you can work on parts of your body that you want to lose weight in or strengthen.

Also, by making exercise a habit, will put students in a better position to stay healthy and less time to get in trouble. This can be a good time-consuming activity that can distract people from getting into trouble. I know several people that replaced their addiction drug-use with the gym.

Exercising is like its own little drug because when we workout, our bodies release chemicals known as "endorphins" giving off a positive feeling and reducing pain. Along with working out, students have several other ways to help reduce stress.

Diet, Sleep, & Talk!

I am working on this myself but eating a well-balanced meal is important to staying healthy. I have a habit of eating junk food more than I should. From experience, I can say for myself that I do notice a difference in my energy levels and mood depending on what I eat. This relates to how long I sleep the night before too.

Lastly, I think that talking to others is very important in our lives and can be a key role in staying healthy. If you are experiencing any problem or feeling that you want to talk about then share with a friend, family member, therapist, etc. If you don't like talking to people, share your feelings with your pet, they always want to listen! Sharing emotions instead of keeping them in can make you feel better, I know it helps me!

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