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Even When Everything Sucks, I Manage To Put On A Smile And Stay Positive

No, it's not a fake smile or fake positivity, it genuinely comes from the heart.

Maya Brown

Yes, I am a positive person, but there's a big reason for all of that and in this article, I will share those reasons. And no, it's not a fake smile or fake positivity, it genuinely comes from the heart and it's taken me a while to realize why I am like this and why I hope to continue being like this.

To begin with, my childhood wasn't the brightest, as growing up in a home where everything is chaos isn't always the best environment for a child. I guess instead of being a child who became angry or stressed at this fact, I just thought about positive thoughts to change the type of surrounding environment.

As crazy things would go on, I would just think about the future, knowing one day I will be on my track to my dream in life. I would think about the type of family I would want to have in the future. I would think about all of the ways I would be a great parent to my future children, giving them some of the things I missed out on. Honestly, planning my future would give me joy and leave me with positivity because you don't know what is to come and the future is a place where you make it how you want it. So the main reason that I am positive is due to the negativity I have seen growing up because it showed me that if you radiate positivity, you will also attract positivity.

Next, another reason for this is probably because I haven't really lost any friends, and I'm sorry to everyone who has, but in general, I feel that I am pretty good at making friends. Also, when I make my friends, I do my best to keep them. Not that the people who have lost friends have lost them because they don't do their best to keep them, but I guess I have just been lucky. Friends are such an important part of life and they truly bring joy to it.

Friends can be viewed as our chosen family because, at a certain point, they become people who we go to for everything, people who we can count on and people we share some of life's greatest moments with. They become people who give us joy when we need some uplifting, and honestly, that's one of the main outlets which helped me stay positive. The joy of hanging out with friends and forgetting about all of my outside problems is what made me thankful for the life I currently had. Being in company with those that I adore and cherish is what made me realize you only live once and you should do what you can while you have the time.

The final reason why I am always positive is that I like to think that I make people's day. Being nice to someone can honestly go a very long way and being the person who makes someone smile is a happy thought. Knowing you could impact a persons' life with the way you treat them is something that should want to make you radiate positivity. If you are positive, you'll start to see opportunities instead of obstacles. Due to the law of attraction, you'll start to see change in a positive way.

The reason why I am staying like this is definitely that the world is full of negativity today, with hatred, discrimination, and even cases of segregation being seen around society today. Being surrounded by this energy makes me want to stay positive and try to hope that the world will honestly be a better place one day. I had the opportunity to hear one of the last remaining Holocaust survivors the other day, and while telling her story, she said she has hope the world will be a better place one day. What truly got to me was she said she could see another Holocaust happening in the near future, which made me realize that not a lot has changed. Reasons like these have made me want to become a journalist so I could share this information with the world and emphasize the fact that hate crimes and speech need to stop.

Overall, positivity is key in my life and I honestly think it always will be.

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