Zac Efron Might Be The New Ted Bundy But Women Should Still Beware Of Men Like Him

I recently watched the Ted Bundy documentary on Netflix and I'm shocked. If you don't know who he is, Ted Bundy was an American serial killer in the 1970s who murdered and assaulted more than 30 girls in several different states, including Washington, Utah, Oregon, Colorado, and Florida. He got away with it in the beginning because back then there was no Internet and the technology that we have today did not exist back then. Police departments from one state did not share information with other police departments in another state. The term serial killer didn't even exist in the 1970s!

He looked like a normal person! He was always smiling and seen as a very handsome man. In court, he always dressed nice. He would wear a suit with a bow tie. He was always grinning. That's how he gained the trust of these women. He would approach these girls and since he seemed like a trusting person the girls would follow him. Even though there was so much evidence that proved that Ted committed those murders, Ted denied everything he was accused of. He was given the death penalty for murdering more than 30 girls. The number of girls that Ted assaulted is unknown to this day. And today, there are countless documentaries of his crimes including one where Zac Efron plays the infamous role, reportedly coming to Netflix soon.

Even though this happened a long time ago, girls should still be careful when they are approached by strangers. Girls should never be alone at night and always be with somebody that they know. Today it's easier for people to message girls through social media and convince them that they are "looking for a friend" and wanting to meet up. Situations like these have happened before and it can still happen. Girls should not trust anybody that they don't know. We don't know the intentions of strangers and those intentions could not be good ones. So girls: be safe all the time and don't trust people you don't know.

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