Most people all around the world struggle with a negative body-image, especially women, but yes, there are in fact some men that do struggle with how they look as well.

Trust me, it isn't a fun time.

Finding yourself standing in front of a mirror and pointing out every tiny flaw that you see wrong with your body. Feeling like you have to be a skinny little size zero model in order to be considered beautiful is not the kind of mindset anyone should have to deal with.

Personally, for me, I struggled with a negative body-image back in high school. I found myself constantly comparing myself to everyone else, which is never healthy, to begin with.

I became so insecure that I found myself not eating nearly as much as I should of and restricting myself from the foods that I loved so much.

And for what?

So I could look skinny like everyone else?

It wasn't worth it.

I was not taking care of my body like I should have and I even have pictures to show how kind of 'sickly' my body really looked. But back then, I thought I looked good.

That is what a negative body-image will do to you, but you are worth so much more than that. I promise you.

God created you the way you are for a reason.

So what is not to love about your body?

Sure, you might have thicker thighs than other people, but you know what?

Who cares.

If your thighs touch you are one step closer to being a mermaid, so that's pretty cool right?

And newsflash, everyone has things about their body that they don't like. You just have to own your body and be confident with what you are working with. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

If you are happy with yourself then who cares what other people think?

Just because you aren't a size zero doesn't mean that you aren't beautiful. The same goes for those people who are born naturally skinny. They shouldn't be shamed for that either. Everyone was born as an individual, which is what makes this world so amazing. You might not look like that model you follow on Instagram, but you are YOU and that is awesome because no one else will ever look like you or be you.

You are more than just your body and how you look.

The next time you find yourself standing in front of the mirror criticizing yourself, try to point out the things you love about yourself. It will change your entire perspective and put you in a better mood instantly.

Don't let your mind bully your body.

Loving yourself and your body is the greatest revolution.

Own it.