Starbucks seems to line the streets in every town and city in America. You can't drive more than a few miles without seeing that green and white sign. Walking on any high school or college campus in America you're bound to see more than a few of their iconic coffee cups.

But you have to stop and ask yourself "is Starbucks really that good?" There are a lot of other coffee shops in the world and many share the opinion that Starbucks is overrated.

Here are a few reasons why:

1. It's always crowded

Image result for crowded starbucks

I've never walked into a Starbucks without a mile long line and Starbucks is usually pretty loud. Not a great environment for studying, writing or getting any sort of work done. After you're done waiting 15 minutes for your $6 latte you can sit down at one of the crumb-covered tables with 6 other people loudly gabbing with each other about Chad from Sigma Apple Pie. You'll pull out your laptop and try to start working on the paper you have due but you won't get far before you get distracted by eaves-dropping on their drama.

2. They don't do the fancy latte art

What self-respecting coffee house doesn't do the fancy latte art?

3. There are tons of coffee houses with a better ~aesthetic~

It's true.

4. Their actual plain, black coffee is bitter

No explanation needed.

5. They don't have "for here" cups

Everything there is made "to-go." There are no cute ceramic mugs or plates for your pastries, just cardboard cups, and paper bags.

6. Their pastries aren't that good

There are better baked goods to be had elsewhere.

Starbucks is really not all that special and I would be willing to bet there are a large handful of small businesses around your town that have way better coffee for more reasonable prices.