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The hardest part of the semester is always the end. You seem to lose all motivation before you've even looked at your long, never-ending list of assignments. If you thought that getting back in the flow after Christmas break was bad? There's nothing like coming back from the eighty-five-degree beach weather to the cold, windy, rainy weather that seems to vary in Kentucky.

On the bright side, CW has announced that they will begin airing the season finale of "Jane the Virgin'" on March 27th — so don't forget to mark your calendars.

The thought process of a college student the week after spring break is winding, and interesting, to say the least (a lot like "Jane the Virgin" don't ya think?).

1. It's Sunday night, and I didn't do any of the five assignments that are due tomorrow morning

jane the virgin oops

Spring break procrastination is different from regular procrastination because you don't feel as bad on break, but the results are definitely the same.

2. Then the realization kicks in that you're gonna have to pull an all-nighter on your first night back

jane the virgin oops

All-nighters suck anyways, but the one right after a break is dreadful.

3. That stroller is a visual representation of my life on the Monday I came back from spring break

jane the virgin monday

Monday mornings are always bad, but the one after spring break looks a little something like this.

4. And this is a visual representation of the devil on my shoulder telling me that I'll be fine without a degree

jane the virgin i'm done

And now I'm debating dropping out. I had too much freedom and now this transition is too much.

5. Then you check your bank account, see the damage done from break, and it's decided that you do need a degree

jane the virgin yikes

Did I really have to spend that much? No, but what's done is done.

6. It's even worse once you realize how far you actually are. It would be stupid if you were to do anything other than keep on truckin' at this point

jane the virgin money

You're in too deep now, but on the bright side this semester is almost over guys!

7. Anyways, it's not that bad when you get to see your college friends. The excitement of their companionship is almost enough to make you pee

jane the virgin mom

They're the main reason you're surviving college right now, right?

8. But then you get that ONE professor who feels the need to tell you EXACTLY how many days you have left in the semester

jane the virgin face

A lot more than anticipated..

9. And then you just wanna cry again

jane the virgin cry

Seriously though, why would you say that? @ my professor.

10.  But on the bright side, you'll always have spring break

jane the virgin yes

There's nothing like some hazy memories to look back on later.

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