As spring break approaches for some and comes to a close for others I wanted to share the reasons why I chose to visit my grandparents. Every year since before I can remember my family has visited my grandparents, who winter in Arkansas, during our winter break. I continued the tradition by myself my freshmen year. Sophomore year my break lined up with my sister's and our my mom joined us. This year I again planned to make the trip by myself. Normally when people ask me what I'm doing for spring break and find out I'm spending it with my grandparents they don't say much. One person seemed extremely perplexed as to why I would choose to do this. I didn't know how to explain it well with the short time we had to talk so I decided to share with everyone why spring break with my grandparents is my first choice.

First, coming to Arkansas is not just when I get to see my grandparents, it is when I get to see all of the other couples in the neighborhood that see me once a year, but still keep up with what is happening in my life. Sometimes it seems like they know more about my life than I do. They love it when I visit them and truly care how I am doing. They have seen me grow from a little girl to a college student and have been supportive of me along the way. Talking to them this year and telling them of my future plans has been good for me because they encourage me every step of the way. Even when I am unsure of my ability to accomplish something, they will assure me that I can do it and give me a little bit of advice.

Second, I love my grandparents! I do get to see them a lot during the summer, but the months in between are many and I would miss them too much. My grandparents have always been a central part of my life and I would like that to continue for as long as possible. For that to happen, I have to be willing to make time to see them, so why not spring break? Of course, the food is an added bonus! Another part to this is that, because I love them, I want to be there for them like they have been for me since I was born. I was able to be there for my grandma when my grandpa had cataract surgery and help out when they needed me.

Third, there is no more complete rest and relaxation then when with your grandparents. Every moment seems to be focused on you. What you want to do, eat, play, watch, etc. When I'm here it's like nothing can get to me. The things that would make me so stressed at school only look like another obstacle that I can be confident I can overcome. This only comes from the love and hope my grandparents have for me, it is through them that I learn to be kind, generous, and loving.

Why did I choose to visit my grandparents over spring break? I did so because they love me and I love them. We need each other in our lives and spring break seemed like the perfect time to spend with them. They have shaped me into the person I am today and I could ask for no better grandparents than the ones I have! I'll forever be grateful that they have loved me as much as they have. And I'll forever be grateful to all of the neighborhood couples that make me feel like a part of their families as well. What better thanks could I give these people than to show them what they mean to me by making time to visit?