15 Spring Break Essentials You Should Order Right Now
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15 Spring Break Essentials You Should Order Right Now

Everything you need to look cute and be prepared for everything and anything!

15 Spring Break Essentials You Should Order Right Now

Looking cute on spring break isn't just about Instagrammable bathing suits. It's also about being prepared with sun protection and makeup that won't smudge!


A different pair of sunglasses can totally change a look. Treat yourself and buy a new pair! TJ Maxx and Amazon always have good deals on designer sunnies.


Highlighter takes minimal makeup to the next level. A glowy highlighter can keep you from looking lazy or like you did your makeup in a rush. This BECCA highlight in Opal is my favorite thing ever.

Baseball Cap

Baseball hats that get worn to the beach always get covered in sunscreen and sand so I like to have one dedicated to beach use only. Get a cut one to protect your face and coordinate with your bathing suits. Forever 21 has a ton of basic ones for under $10.

Brow Gel

I usually stick to brow powder, but for something more waterproof a brow gel might be a better idea. This one from essence is super affordable too.

Long Sleeve Cover-Up

If you're sensitive to the sun like I am, a long sleeve cover-up is a must have. This one from Princess Polly is totally cute and functional.

Cream Eyeshadow

Cream eyeshadow is going to be your best bet if you want it to last all day. These shadows from Glossier dry down so they last all day.

Extra AF Dress

Spring break is the optimum occasion to wear your most extra outfits. Why not take advantage of that opportunity and wear something like this!

Cheap Statement Earrings

Your bathing suit is your outift for the day, so accessories are key to dress it up! A cheap pair of statement earrings can be a fun accessory you don't have to worry about.

Insta-Worthy Swimsuit

On spring break buying a new bathing suit is like buying a new outfit, so treat yourself! With almost 2,000 options, ASOS has you covered.

SPF Chapstick

Lips can get sunburn too! Sunscreen chapstick is essential. This one from Neutrogena is my favorite, its tinted and shimmery.

Hair Accessories

Your hair will probably be up all week so you might as well have cute accessories for it. Forever 21 has adorable hair ties and scrunchies to match every look.

Aloe Vera

No matter how hard you try you'll probably still end up with a little bit of a sun burn. Do yourself a favor and buy a lotion with aloe already built in, like this one from Soap & Glory.

Ankle Bracelet

Ankle bracelets are my favorite summer accessory and for me they are an absolute necessity for spring break. TJ Maxx always has cute ones in stock too!

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is supposed to be really helpful for dealing with sun poisoning and the rash that comes in it. Many rose water toners have this already built in, so make sure yours does double duty like this Thayers one.

Waterproof Mascara

I HATE waterproof mascara, but sometimes it is the only option. This Maybelline one is my go-to because it doesn't get all flaky like most others.

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