Your Body Should Not Be A Seasonal Trend, A "Spring Break Bod" Is Overrated
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Your Body Should Not Be A Seasonal Trend, A "Spring Break Bod" Is Overrated

Everyone looks different, it's part of life.

Your Body Should Not Be A Seasonal Trend, A "Spring Break Bod" Is Overrated

February is coming quickly to an end which means while most people's fear of being single on Valentine's Day can be shelved for another year but another fear is looming. Spring break is fast approaching and with it come to an unrealistic desire for the perfect spring break bod.

I won't lie and say that I'm not guilty of saying that I want the perfect body to showcase on spring break. Everyone does. It's human nature to be a bit worried about taking off your winter coats and your oversized sweatshirts for a bikini and shorts after a long winter of stuffing your face or avoiding the gym like the plague.

It's okay to want to look better and feel better. Improving your health and fitness is a worthy goal and the end result might be a body that you're proud to show off, and that's awesome. Good for you.

The problem is not wanting to look better. The problem is how unrealistic it is to create this perfect idea in your head of how you're supposed to look.

Everyone looks different. It's a part of life.

It's unrealistic to set your standards to a Victoria's Secret model or a fitness model. It's unrealistic to set yourself up for failure.

Spring break is one week out of the year. You can't set what should be a long-term goal for a short-term time period.

Especially when that short-term time frame might cause you to resort to less than safe ways to lose weight and achieve the body you think you need. Starvation, cleanses, various diet pills, and other serious things that people do to lose weight are not healthy and shouldn't be used in order to reach your unrealistic expectation.

Your main purpose should be about health, not unveiling your body for other people to judge.

Your body, health, and fitness should not be a seasonal trend.

The body that you want is going to take time, patience, and hard work. Getting the perfect body is not something that can be achieved in the next month alone.

Have fun with it, go to various fitness classes like Zumba or yoga or a spin class with some friends. Learn about healthy foods you can eat. Drink water. Keep track of your progress to keep you motivated.

You will achieve any goal that you set your mind to but keep your goals realistic as well as your time frame in which you want to complete your goal. Keep this in mind and you will be happy with whatever body you have achieved by spring break and you can just focus on all the fun you'll be having off from school!

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