8 Things Only Student Athletes In Sororities Will Know
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8 Things Only Student Athletes In Sororities Will Know

What's it really like to be a Greek athlete?

8 Things Only Student Athletes In Sororities Will Know

There are a few of us out there that are both college athletes and in a sorority. Many people say its not worth it to have such a crazy schedule to just be in both, and many people talk it down, but there are a few of us who chose to be a little on the crazy side.

1. You have almost no free time.

When you are running between practice, class and sorority events who has time to slow down.

2. You become very good at changing fast.

When you have to go to chapter meetings, and its business attire you have to change fast after practice, and try not to look like a hot mess.

3. Learning how to hide the possible farmers tans.

This is mostly for my outdoor sports girls. Let’s just say we know how to dress cute and not make it obvious we have been on the field all week.

4. When your teammates ask why you are all dolled up for practice.

That moment when you come from a chapter meeting looking all nice and your teammates think you are weird for looking nice at practice, and you feel like all that time looking nice is getting ready to go down the drain.

5. When you are afraid to wear white for initiation.

All I can say is athletes have a hard time wearing white. That white dress only goes on for special ceremonies and comes off the moment you are allowed to change, because it was already hard enough to find a pure white dress let alone keep it clean for more than thirty minutes.

6. When a chapter meeting goes late and you have early practice the next day.

This only happens a few times, but when it does happen if feels like you are dragging yourself everywhere the next day even though you had more than enough coffee to be awake.

7. When you miss meetings due to games and come back lost.

Coming back from weekend games and possibly missing two weeks of chapter is like missing the back story to a movie you now cannot understand.

8. You love it even though sometimes it is rough.

There may be days when you feel like you need a couple cups of coffee to make it just through the day, but no matter what you have you sisters on your team and in your sorority. That means a lot of support when things go wrong and plenty of fun times, and even though it can be rough you would not change it for anything.

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