1. Me when I swear off toxic relationships and promise I'll never let myself get played again.

2. "If nobody has anymore questions, I guess you guys are free to g-" "Um, ProFEssoR, ACTUALLY..."

3. When you schedule your Science and Spanish classes fifteen minutes apart but you're a #studentathlete (intramurally, at least). No bus? No problem.

4. UGA students calculating how much food they would actually have to eat to make their meal plan worth it.

5. When you rescue your friend from a frat party and finally (after a car ride, a five minute walk and four flights of stairs) get them into bed.

6. Non-drivers @ people with cars on campus ("Anybody driving from Athens to California with a pit-stop in Mexico? Will Venmo $").

7. Your first time in Hedges.

8. Present me coming for past me for screwing us both over. Yeah, four days of napping was nice, but this paper is due in four *hours*.

9. When your homie sends their Quizlet in the class Groupme.

10. Freshmen at the first summer football game.

11. When your friend does something stupid DT in front of the police and you gotta act like you don't know them. Whose friend is that? Who let him out of the house? Why is he calling your name repeatedly? Somebody (not you) should help him off the pavement!

12. Friday night you apologizing to Saturday morning you for what you're about to see in your friend's Snapchat memories.

13. When you finally get that one boring friend out of the house ("You'll like it once you get there, I promise").

14. Me looking at my jam-packed agenda figuring out what to put off first.

15. Students in August vs. students in April.

16. When you get locked out of your dorm after a shower and are a little unsure as to how things should proceed from here.

17. *goes to Ramsey once*.

18. Trying to stay ahead of deadlines.

19. When you have a stressful assignment due and all 58 of your personalities come out to cheer you on.


21. When someone sets of the dorm fire alarm at 3 a.m. Who is that person and where are they? You're not angry, you just want to talk.