I Asked 13 Guys And Girls How They Feel About Splitting The Bill On A First Date, And I Bet Big Money You Couldn't Guess What They Said
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I Asked 13 Singles Whether They'd Split The Bill On A First Date, And The Answers Were Surprisingly... Split

Who knew!

I Asked 13 Singles Whether They'd Split The Bill On A First Date, And The Answers Were Surprisingly... Split
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Men paying on the first date has always been a traditional thing, but others feel differently. I asked men and women both whether they would split the bill on the first date and all the answers were a shocker to me, mostly because it was so... well, split.

1. Dawson, 20

“No, to show that the other person doesn’t always have to pay.”

2. Jackson, 23 

“Honestly no. Depends on the date. If it's to go walk around a mall and grab a bite to eat then whatever she buys at random stores I'm not gonna 100% pay for. Or if you go to an arcade or amusement park/fair or something I might go 100% but all in all, it just depends on the date. I'd definitely pay for the admission and the food and some extra stuff."

3. Anonymous, 20 

“No, It's the man's responsibility to pay for the date as well as asking the female out on a date."

4. Jamie, 28 

“No, because I'm a gentleman and I feel like it's old fashioned and what should be done. The date can order whatever she wants."

5. Shannon, 42

“First date should be paid for by the one that asked the other out whether boy or girl.”

6. Colbi, 22

“I feel like the first date is still getting to know someone so of course I would offer to split the check, but honestly I would expect the man to pay for it."

7. Anonymous, 19

“If the date hadn't gone well I'd split the bill.”

8. Monica, 21 

“Yes I would, unless the person I'm on the date with offers to pay for it all.”

9. Anonymous, 17 

“No. I say no because I'm gonna pay the whole bill cause that's what a guy does.”

10. Voshon, 21 

“No, It's the mans job to pay."

11. Heather, 20

“If a guy asked me on the date, I wouldn't split the bill. But if I asked him on the date I would pay. I think it's based off who asked and the friendship.”

12. Paige, 27

“I think whatever is agreed upon would be fine with me. It's more important to me that a date is spent enjoying each other's company and getting to know each other.”

13. Zoe, 21 

“The first date could be the last, and I never expect someone to come out of pocket. No one owes me anything.”

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