I’ve been there. Days in and out of the gym, some days more effective than others. The feeling of being there and really just not being able to get in your zone because quite frankly, its getting old. Then I discovered BodyRide, a studio that instructs spin classes near me, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that it’s changed my life and I’m only five months in. I actually crave this workout when I'm not there, and I never regret leaving my cozy house for it, no matter how tough it might seem on a cold night, you warm up fast and it's so worth it. First let me explain what exactly these classes are for anyone unsure. Spin class is an encouraging 45 minutes to an hour of riding on a stationary bike, but it’s not simply just “riding,” it’s a full body workout of crunches, tap backs, and resistance. Let’s just say your bike will have weights waiting to be used.

I had decided to make adjustments for a healthier lifestyle a few years ago, but eventually I was at the point of wanting a different kind of workout and not always having enough motivation while I was at the gym. The day I sat on my first BodyRide stationary bike in that dimmed room was the day I realized that I needed change, and this was it. I needed more from my workout, from myself, from my thoughts. That room of people becomes almost a silent family to you. You greet each other prior and warm up next to them, but when class gets going and all you hear is the music, the extremely motivating instructor, and the sound of your pedals moving, you become in sync with this group. There are two core assets that make you a whole and will benefit from spin.


This is an opportunity to escape your worries and slow your thoughts to let your legs do the racing instead. It’s a stress relief at the end of any kind of day and a wake up feeling ready for any morning. For a select amount of time, you are focused on nothing more than giving the ride or the weights your all. You are so determined to push yourself, that you forget what was bothering you when you walked in those doors. Your cares stay outside of the room and you will leave refreshed. Oh, and it's a no phone zone for your own good. You can't pause this consistent workout to text Sarah back about her drama, then becoming sidetracked and stressed, because your phone won't be there. And trust me, you won't miss it. The instructors motivate you in the best ways. Not every instructor is alike, but that’s the best part! Some days you need the instructor that’s going to tell you to keep your ass back over the seat and sing along to some of the music with no shame in the cussing game, and some days you need the instructor who will remind you of your worth and that you can do whatever you set your mind to. Either way, this is a chance to step out of your consistent thoughts and into another amazing, sweaty world.


Ohhh, my legs. I’ve been going to the gym for a couple of years now and have never noticed such a change. It gets better though…my arms, my stomach, everything feels the burn. I mean, I actually think my eyebrows break a sweat. That’s the best part, these classes are full body workouts. The instructors never fail to incorporate movements that allow every part of your body to be worked. My body drips sweat from the beginning of class right down to the last song. And don’t ever let anyone tell you sweat is gross, because it won’t be gross when you’re looking like fire and feeling great. Embrace it. One second your tapping your ass back like you wouldn’t imagine and the next your isolating your body and feeling the burn as you fight the resistance. I’ve learned to love my body and right now, it’s definitely getting the best care, and at the end of the day that is what truly matters. Enjoying the workout makes caring for your body a craving. Love yourself, take care of yourself and SPIN the negativity out of your life.

So, to anyone feeling stuck physically OR mentally, or even just in the mood to try something new, THIS is your chance. Your chance for change, for motivation, for encouragement, to be revived. Has it ever hurt you to at least try?

Much love to my BodyRide fam!

-Limerick and King of Prussia, PA