They say that the truest and most real form of a person you could ever see is their soul. Not physically, but mentally. You can’t touch a person’s soul with a hug or a handshake, but you can touch them with the words you say and the role you play in their life. I believe that everyone has a soul mate out there; and whether you find them when you are five years old fighting for the last swing on the playground, or going through the awkward phases of high school, or when you are binge-drinking your life away during finals week at college, or even when you are set in your career and supporting yourself, thinking this is it. But when you find that person, you will know. Everything will seem right in the world, like the stars aligned perfectly just for you, and you will find yourself craving that person; their attention, their time, and their words.

But I also believe that you can have a deeper connection with more than just a human being who lives and breathes the same air as you. It can be on a spiritual level to something you have never even set eyes on before, or it can be the way that the sun sets so gently in the evening, tucking the world in for a peaceful sleep that night. Or the way the ocean can roar so loudly one day, pronouncing its anger and frustration with the world, to be as calm and smooth as a new born baby being put to bed the next night. The way the rain can fall at just the right speed; not too hard, not too fast, but at the perfect speed to make you want to feel each drop on your skin. Even the chirping of the birds on a bright summer day, knowing that they are enjoying life as much as you are.

Every human being was made to connect to something, whether it’s a human you can share the rest of your life with, or the rising and setting of the sun that keeps you going each and everyday. So if you’re feeling lost, like you don’t know where or what you’re supposed to be in life, find your connection. Find your connection and love it and hold it and cherish it with every bone in your body.

Because when you find your connection, it alters your life, and only for the better.