Clue week and reveal are just some of what the "big and little" relationship entails. Once you welcome the new member of the family, the fun begins. "I LOVE MY BIG!" "I LOVE MY LITTLE!" Two phrases that people in college may hear from friends in a fraternity or sorority organization. What is the excitement all about?

The bond between big and little is like no other. When joining a Greek organization, many people look forward to building bonds with each other. The big/little bind is meant to be special and to guide you through experiences during the time in a greek organization. In an organization, such as Alpha Phi Omega, each new member does a brother interview to meet the already initiated brothers and to help figure out what a potential big/ little pairing would be.

The big/ little process is fun in many ways. Bigs and Littles are paired together for many reasons. Preparing to buy items for new members, becoming a mentor or a new family member, the chapter joins together in "celebration." Many people like to make and create gifts representing the new member's personality, the bond between big and little as well as the organization.

So, before you judge someone for loving their big and little, think about what it may mean to them first. Maybe you would be interested in the process too.