The Big and Little stereotypes— every sorority has them. Maybe you know exactly what category you fall into, or maybe you didn't realize until just now that you two even had an image that you were known for. Or maybe you even fall into more categories than one!

Read below to see if any of these descriptions match your relationship with your Big or Little:

1. The Power Couple

Putting you two together was like a match made in heaven. Together, you practically run your sorority. Whether you're both ruling from behind the scenes on exec or killing it in every philanthropy event/competition, putting you two together guarantees that anything you do will be awesome. People are inspired by your Big/Little relationship, and fully expect to see you two running for president and vice president sometime in the future.

2. The Partiers

You both get along so well because you both know how to let loose. Going out together is practically your nightly ritual, and you're known for being the Big and Little pair who are always on the social scene. Other girls in your sorority love to go out with you two because it's a guaranteed good time. All of your best bonding moments were at local bars and frat house parties... and those are just the moments you actually remember.

3. The Lookalikes

By conscious decision or random fate, everyone in your family line just kind of looks alike. You're always hearing "Wait... Are you guys actually related?" Other girls in your sorority refer to your line by names like "the blonde squad" or "the tan clan" or "the short ones," etc. You don't even mind that you all kind of resemble each other, because there are definite perks: borrowing clothes from each other is so easy since if it looks good on one of you, it probably looks good on the other. Not to mention the fact that your family pics always look cohesive and match-y in a cute "we did this on purpose" kind of way.

4. The Study Buddies

Your family is like, single-handedly responsible for keeping your chapter GPA up. Contrary to popular belief, you're not boring –– you both just have goals and aspirations and know that studying is going to get you where you want to go. Everyone else in your sorority knows that the study area is practically your second home. Your Big and Little relationship works perfectly because you're always pushing each other to do better, and helping each other to study for those super hard exams. All of this hard work will pay off when you're both super rich brain surgeons or engineers or astronauts in the future.

5. The Complete Opposites

You know that saying "opposites attract?" That's exactly what your Big/Little relationship is like. Maybe one of you is super crazy and the other is more of a 'stay home and binge-watch Netflix' kind of girl. Maybe one of you is super into studying and the other one waits until 11:30 p.m. to start an assignment due at midnight. Maybe one of you is into being a vegetarian and one of you can't go a day without red meat. Whatever the mix, you two are completely different people... and it works! You keep each other in check, balance each other out, and help each other to grow by forcing them to experience things they normally wouldn't. You guys are like peanut butter and jelly — completely different on their own, but put them together and you get an instant classic.

6. The Fitness Duo

You're the Big and Little duo that dominate the gym. You're known as the fit fam, and it shows. Most girls try to get in shape for summer, but for you, "in shape" is a lifestyle, not a temporary state of being. You guys are always around the house, doing squats, practicing your intricate yoga moves, or doing some other difficult fitness routine and making everybody else look bad. You guys are an awesome pair because you help each other to achieve your fitness goals, and you guys are the go-to pair when it comes to intramural competitions or physical challenges because having the two of you on your sorority's team practically guarantees a win.

7. The Picture Perfect Pair

Some way, somehow, you two are always taking perfect Instagram pictures, no filter necessary. You can't go a day without a candid shot of the two of you laughing at some inside joke, or throwing your sorority sign at the beach, or looking flawless doing everyday activities like eating lunch. Perfect 365 isn't just an app, it's also a great description for your fam, because you guys literally look picture perfect, 365 days of the year. Your sorority loves to put you on it's Instagram page because it makes your sorority look good, and you never have to worry about not having a decent profile pic or Snapchat story. Your pictures easily make it into record-breaking amounts of likes within minutes, because no decent person can look at a picture of you two and not double tap. Share your selfie secrets with the rest of us!

8. The Trouble Makers

The two of you together is basically a PR nightmare for your sorority. You guys are, quite literally, partners in crime. It's practically a miracle that the two of you are ever in chapter at the same time, and getting sent to Standards is now a part of your normal routine. But, you guys don't care. You're fun and carefree, and somehow get even more daring when paired together. You two serve as each other's devils on the shoulder and convince each other to be more mischievous than usual. No one can even really get mad at you because you're such a good time, and your hijinks usually provide a much-needed laugh from the stress that sometimes comes with sorority life. Your sorority probably regrets pairing you two together as Big and Little, but the both of you love each other almost as much as you love not following the rules, which makes you lifelong friends (and possible future prison mates).

9. The Roommates

You two loved each other so much after being paired as Big and Little that you literally decided to move in together. Living with each other is like a slumber party with your best friend, except you get to live it every single day. You get along so well that you don't even need to worry about the usual roommate problems like getting tired of each other or fighting because that would never happen. Your place is the go-to hangout spot for other girls in your sorority, because you guys have a great atmosphere and are never not having fun. Movie nights, crafting, wine nights, gossip sessions — all of these things are fun with roommates, but they're even better when your roommate is also kind of your soulmate.

10. The Long Distance Pair

Maybe the Big is already graduated or maybe one of you had to transfer schools or move away, but either way, you never stopped being Big and Little. You're constantly texting 24/7, so it's almost like you're together anyway. You live for your occasional phone calls and Skype sessions, and you're obviously best friends with each other on Snapchat. The best part is that when you two do get to hang out again, it's like no time has passed and you fall right back into being the best Big and Little pair ever. Your relationship is so strong that not even distance can hurt it, and that's pretty amazing.