With my second year of college coming to an end, I have found myself caught up in reflection.

1. Pain Is Temporary

No matter what obstacles are standing in your way, and no matter what you are struggling to cope with, pain is not forever. It will get better, and you will be okay.

2. We Need The Bad Days As Much As The Good Ones

As much as the bad days hurt, we need them. Bad days are so, so important. They keep us humble, grateful, and human.

3. People Come And Go

By the end of my first semester this year, I found myself in a friend group with some of the most wonderful humans in the world (hi guys you know it's you). These people were not in my life last year, and now I can't imagine not having them. Sure, I lost some friends here and there, but the people who stick around and make you the best version of yourself are the ones who truly matter.

4. Not Everyone Will Like You... And That's Okay

Brush it off. Not everybody is going to be your biggest fan, and you know what? That's okay. You don't need everyone to like you. You just need to like you.

5. Hard Work Pays Off

Whether it is in class, in the gym, or at practice, hard work does pay off. Commit yourself to something and work at it, and chances are you will be happy with the results.

6. Taking Some Days Off Is Okay, And Encouraged

We are all human, and sometimes we get tired. When your brain or body needs a break, take a break. Listen to your body.

7. 8 Hours Of Sleep Really Do Make A Difference

After constantly battling sleep in my classes first semester, I decided a change needed to be made. I made it a point to start adjusting my schedule in order to make time for those recommended eight hours of sleep, and it made the biggest difference. You really do need that time. Don't overlook it.

8. Sometimes Coffee Works Against You

After greatly reducing the amount of caffeine I consume, I found that my energy levels shot up, I got a better night of sleep, and I stopped feeling sluggish. Especially after caffeine-induced panic attacks made their way into my routine, I found that that cup o' joe really might not be doing so much good after all. Try to cut down and see what it does for you.

9. Real Friends Won't Turn Their Backs

No matter what happens or where life takes you, real friends will never turn their backs on you. They will laugh with you at those who try to tear you down, they will be your shoulders to cry on (quite literally and you know who you are), and they will, simply put, do life with you. Every day. They will always be there, and anyone who seems to find it a bit too easy to let go of you isn't a true friend.

10. Not Having Your Whole Life Figured Out Is Okay

We are still young. We have so much time ahead of us, and so much time to figure out what we want to do with our lives and how we should go about doing those things. We do not need to have all the answers right now.

11. Time Flies

I am already halfway done with college, and I cannot even fathom how fast it is going by. Time really does fly when you're having fun, and I am learning to appreciate every second I get to spend on this campus with the people that I love so dearly. Before I know it, this will all be in the past, and I don't want to regret taking anything for granted.