Sophomore year is the most exciting, yet can be the hardest. It's the time where we can finally pick our roommates, and room with the friends we made freshman year. And with that comes getting to know each other even more. And sometimes, as with all college students, you realize that there is a school that holds what you need better than where you're at. And with that, comes tearful goodbyes. So, to my sophomore roommate, I want to say thank you for being the roommate I really needed this semester.

We set out in August, ready to tackle a semester. Though, we weren't quite sure how to motivate each other to go to class. We didn't know how we were going to make it without the third person of our trio, but we were set to make it happen.

As the year progressed we started to get closer. Things became a lot less awkward, as we weren't the closest when we got to school. We started to gain inside jokes, I learned how to deal with you being hangry, and you learned to listen to my rants. Slowly we started to become best friends, and you started to become the person who was always there for me.

You listened while I cried. You made me laugh when I was down. You even climbed into my bed and threw my FAVORITE blanket on the ground to make me get out of bed to eat. You drove me to the ER with a migraine. You supported me quitting my job (even though I never did), you even went with me to Omaha an hour and a half away to fulfill my period craving. If that isn't friendship, I don't know what is.

You supported me. In everything I did, you were there telling me to keep following my dreams. From getting up early for church, to going with me to different things in the UMC, you were there. How many college roommates would do that for each other? You even came to two of my classes, once just because we wanted to watch Bones together.

You are the best roommate I could ever ask for. We jam while driving, we have late night talks, and we both understand the struggle to go to school everyday. Naps are mandatory, we are in bed no later than 8:30 (on a bad day) and you understand my lack of interest in Monday night classes. Thank you for being there for me this semester. You're truly one of the best friends I could ever ask for.

So, ho-bag, I'm gonna miss your face. I'm going to miss walking in and just starting to watch Netflix. Miss debating if it's actually worth going to the cafe for dinner. Miss you asking if I'm going to Monday night class. I'll just miss you.

Here's to sushi dates and sleep overs and random FaceTiming. Cause I can't go a day without seeing your face.

XOXO ~ Cher Bear