I have been a Taylor Swift fan for over a decade and there's nothing else in my life I have devoted as much time too except maybe Jesse McCartney. I have always been someone that would come to her defense because she is one of the few people I support that just really doesn't mess up with her personal choices or her music so I stand by her.

Over the last few weeks, Taylor has done what she does best and let anticipation grow for her long awaited first single from her seventh studio album. Upon her posting the countdown and clues you could tell that we were getting the happiest version of Taylor, we hadn't ever gotten as everything was a pastel dream.

On the day of release it was announced that for the first time ever Taylor would release a collaboration as her lead single "ME!" featuring Brendon Urie was announced and internet went insane everyone was eagerly waiting for the clock to strike midnight and for the song of the summer to bless our ears.

And then the song came out.

Upon first listen I was hooked! Not only was this song representative of Taylor's happy head space, but it was making me want to join her on cloud 9 and realize my self worth! The song lived up to my expectations of a lead single and definitely gave me "Shake It Off" vibes.

The song quickly went number one and broke the record for most viewed video in 24 hours so to the general public the song was another massive hit for Swift! And I would agree with that and count this song a win both for Taylor and fans!

But the internet has a different opinion.

One thing I've read is that people are disappointed in this songs lyrics and that is wild to me considering it has lyrics like “I never leave well enough alone" and "Shake It Off" is her most repetitive song but was received with open arms. While the lyrics aren't "All Too Well" level of genius they are fun and summer-ish and just make you feel good. Let that be enough!