6 Throwback Tracks Essential For Your Bar Party Playlist
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6 Throwback Tracks Essential For Your Bar Party Playlist

Songs we REALLY need to hear in the bars.

6 Throwback Tracks Essential For Your Bar Party Playlist
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How often do we go to the bars and hear the songs we want to hear? We all love 21 Savage and Quavo but one thing college students seem to love and especially me, in particular, are throwback songs.

Here is a playlist of throwback songs that every bar should play every now and then.

1. Pony by Ginuwine

A song that many people know whether it's from Magic Mike or you just hear it. It's very catchy and a danceable song. The song provides a catchy beat and something you just want to get down to. It does contain some explicit language but come on, it is Ginuwine. You have probably heard this song multiple times before and might just know it by how "Yeah" is grunted.

2. Stacy's Mom by Fountains of Wayne

If you slightly know me or are friends with me you know that I will scream for the DJ to play this song for at least an hour. A song that I remember listening to when I was a teenager and something that will always go on my Snapchat story. Who doesn’t love those lyrics “Stacy’s Mom has got it going on she’s all I want and I’ve waited for so long?” If you haven’t listened to this song (which you probably should) I suggest taking three minutes out of your day to listen to this masterpiece.

3. Year 3000 by Jonas Brothers

Raise your hand if you ever wanted to take a trip to the year 3000? The song that skyrocketed the Jonas Brothers is still a staple for many people’s playlists even to this day; it should also be a staple of bars. Playing this song not only shows that you have a place in your heart for the songs your audience grew up but it also shows a different approach than playing the music that is typically played at the bars.

4. N**as in Paris by Kanye West and Jay Z

ITS FREAKING KANYE AND JAY Z. This is a great collaboration even if we never know if those two are best friends or just hate each other so much. What we do know is that when you put two Grammy Award-winning rappers together it gives a once-in-a-lifetime track. "Watch the Throne" not only is a great album but with this song being the title song it makes it even better. With samplings from "Blades of Fury" at the beginning you know at least one part of the song or if you're me your favorite part is “married Kate and Ashley.” Playing this at the bar will probably start multiple dancing circles but it will hype everyone up for the next few songs.

5. Now or Never - High School Musical 3

What team? Wildcats! What team? Wildcats! What team? Wildcats! Wildcats. Get your head in the game! If you know me I always have to put in a song for my favorite movie and this is one of the ultimate hype songs from the trilogy. If you haven’t listened to this song I suggest you listen to it because not only will you get hyped to this but you will want to jump up and get down to it.

6. Yeah by Usher

AN OG CLASSIC!! If you remember your middle school dances this was the song we all heard and would drop everything just to dance with your squad. It’s a great song that they play at some bars but I feel like similar to "Stacy’s Mom." It really is something that needs to be played even more.

All these songs are great to listen to with your friends whether you're at the bars or just with friends at a house party. These songs gave me some pretty great memories and I hope they bring the same with you.

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