How something bad turned into something good

It has been a very busy and horrible week. I was sick all weekend and this week too, i just recovered from the sickness. It was hard for me to get my work done and go to class. I was supposed to stay in bed; but i could not because i did not want to miss out on anything.I wanted to stay on tract even though i was not feeling well. Things were very hard and i do not know how i survived thus week. I guess i had people like Domenica, Martha and Samantina who cheered me up when i wanted to give up but they stayed by my side until the end. They are the kind of friend that people should have in their lives. Honestly, i am glad that i made it through the week and i am thankful for the people that i had by my side.

On Friday, i was very sick and i could not leave my bed to even do my homework. I also had to study for my exams so i had to focus on what i wanted to get on these exams. I know that i am a fighter and i am not a quitter and i am proud of myself. I went to all my classes, did my homework, studied for my exams and made it though the week. I thought this week was never going to end and i was waiting for today to come however , i had no idea that today was going to change how this whole week turned out. I got my exams grade back, it changed my whole day, I got a perfect score on one of my exams and the other on was a 98.When i received it, i could not be happier. I am glad that i did not give up ad kept going with my friends by my side and i will continue to fight to get what i want.

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