As we all know, finals are next week and some people go a little crazy and forget to take care of themselves. Here are some tips to help you out! Know that you are not the only one stressing out about those finals, we are all in the same boat, but we will make it through! Good luck and don't worry, sleep will come later for those of you who like to pull those all-nighters to study or finish projects.

When you have an exam, don't leave the studying to the night before. Instead, over period of time study little by little on the couple days leading up to the exam.

Make sure to eat healthy, you don't want you stomach grumbling during the exam. A myth that I grew up with is if you eat peanut butter or mints before the test, it helps.

If you are procrastinating, your excuses only make it worse. Understandably, some people work better under pressure.

If you have time, form a study group, or just ask a friend to study with you.

It's okay to not understand things on study guides, just ask around for help because usually you are not the only one confused.

When the stress gets to much take a break, watch some Netflix, nap, or visit with friends; anything to destress. It's good to take breaks after long hours studying or working on a project. You come back happier and ready to get down to business.


Make sure to get some good sleep before exams! You don't want to be falling asleep and not have time to finish your exam.

Good luck on Exams!