We have the privilege of living in an amazing technological age. Our voices can be heard in seconds all across the globe. This is an amazing power, that many often neglect to realize they possess. To quote Stan Lee, "With great power comes great responsibility." Having an opinion is our right as individuals, as is voicing said opinion. However, respecting the opinions of others has become an afterthought to many. In an increasingly more narcissistic society, it is often the case that the opinions of others fall below our own.

I'm all for a great debate. In fact, bring it on. Can we please just pick our battles? Are you really offended by the clothes another individual chooses to or not to wear? If you're bored then I suggest a Netflix subscription. Some things simply just do not matter. It is okay to not have an opinion on everything.

I want to stop right here to clarify. I am in no way referring to a specific group of people whether that group be based on political views, cultural orientation, race, religion, or sex. The argument of a specific group of people being "overly sensitive" is outdated and wrong. "Overly sensitive" is an opinionated statement. To call a specific group of people "overly sensitive" doesn't justified your argument, nor does it invalidate theirs.

With this being said, why do we turn meaningless actions into huge political/racial/sexual/religious issues? I've actually had an individual be offended by the filter I chose to use on Snapchat. Insert the (are you kidding me?) emoji here. Let’s be honest of all the controversial issues going on around the world, my Snapchat filter is not the issue. It’s comments like these that make me hesitate to make any controversial posts online. I filter my posts, anything political, religious, or possibly offensive is not posted onto my accounts. I have valid opinions, but when you post anything controversial it sort of feels like asking for a fight. If you’re looking for a political debate let’s rally, but if you’re just going to find a petty thing to criticize in my post then count me out.

We can all find something the be offended about if we look. I hear comments daily I truly disagree with. I’ve heard people bash my culture, religion, race, gender, etc., but I choose to pick my battles.

At the end of the day my message is this. Posts your opinions online. Stand up for what you believe in. But pick you battles and fight for the issues that truly matter. Let’s keep the petty stuff for our diaries.

I love that we have the power for our voices to be heard. I love that we all have opinions to share. I love that previously silenced groups are now being heard. Let's bring something to the table when we decide to speak up. Let's build ourselves up without condemning others. Let's focus on the real issues and ignore the insignificant. We have the opportunity to be influential leaders and thinkers. Let’s use our power wisely.