So, You Wanna Be An Odyssey EIC?

Hello, my name is Jazlyn and I am the editor-in-cheif of the Huntington community of Odyssey. Being in this particular role means you work with other creators all over the world and with other editors in the US. Although a very rewarding job, it can be stressful. I am here to give you ten tips when becoming an EIC or a CE (contributing editor).

1. Patience with smaller teams

My current team is made up of 13 people. Although very small, we get work done and produce articles that we are proud of. You may hear from other EIC's about their growing teams or teams of 150 people, but take heed with your team and remember that the best way to grow is to encourage those you have currently in your hand.

2. Page views are important, but not everything

Yes, it's nice to make that cash money, but page views don't always mean amazing content. Make sure each person is proud of their own work before submitting it. I like to ask my team, "are you proud of this article?" if the answer is yes, submit it. If the answer is no, try something else or abandon the idea for right now and try something fresh.


(The app, not the behavior.)

Talk with other EICs and your CS (content strategist) and exchange ideas, random moments during your day, and remember, Odyssey is NOT a one-man (or woman) band. You will need support for those long editing days.

4. Time is so, so important

Dedicate time to getting to know your team and your CS, this will really pay off in the end. You can help release better content if you know your team.

5. Compliment!

When someone does a good job, tell them! We are always our own worst critics.

6. Submit

I am guilty of this one myself. But how can your expect your team to submit and learn to submit on time if they don't see their leader doing it?

7. Sometimes you have to drop the hammer

I am NOT an easy to anger person but there are some things that get under my skin. Sometimes you have to address your team if they are doing things that are hurting the team, making the team lack, or just don't care enough.

8. Interact with the campus or community around you

Our team does a bake sale every semester to reach out to the community and tell them about Odyssey. This is a great way to gain writers, get your name and content out there, and also find out who is really committed to your team.

9. Try something new

Don't be afraid to take different steps to grow your team in faith and in content. Try a sleepover, a bake sale, laser tag, but get EVERYONE involved.

10. It is just 'Odyssey'

We are Odyssey, not 'The Odyssey' or 'The Odyssey Online.' To hold the position of EIC or CE, you need to know that it isn't singular. You are agreeing to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

So, what about you? Are you ready to seek that position?

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