*goes outside and looks at the temperature gage*


The only way to describe summer in the south is: miserable. Walking outside feels like you got just a tad too close to the bonfire and when you look down you too are on fire :) Going outside is not usually on the agenda for the day. The walk to your car, out of a store, to your house, or any walking magically makes you appear as if you just ran a few miles. Sweat rolling down your back and face, good ole summer fun!

The only way to make this time better is by swinging past your favorite snowball stand. It’s the place where all loose change and dollar bills go to die during the summer, it’s the one thing we can’t get enough of. We all have our favorite place to get one of these heavenly treats. The one that you fight with your friends over because you know your place has the best ice…the smoothest ice. Out of southern Louisiana, however, things start to change. You see an atrocious sign that says “Snowcone.” What even is that?! Snowballs are the only real things in this world. Do those even taste good? Some even say that snowcones are better and that they are the same as a snowball BUT they are ALL WRONG. Snowcones and snowballs are actually two different things (big shocker)!!!

Snowcones exist almost everywhere else. You can even buy those hand crank machines from when you were younger that you would throw some ice cubes into and then turn the handle. These, however, were not so satisfying because it produced ice that you had to chew and it would literally crunch when you put it in your mouth. This is a disgrace to what these treats should be like. A crunchy snowball is an utter failure. The syrup seeps down to the bottom of the cup and it just seems wrong all around. It’s because a snowcone is: crushed ice.

In New Orleans, however, Hansen’s Sno-Bliz was started by Ernest and Mary Hansen in 1939. Ernest invented the first ice shaving machine and Mary created her very own flavored syrups. This created the difference between the two treats. Snowballs are made with finely shaved ice, which helps the flavored syrup to be soaked up all throughout the snowball. Snow cone ice, however, is crushed which makes for a crunchier ice that is not as smooth as the shaved style ice. A difference can definitely be told in taste as a snowball melts in your mouth with every bite whereas a snowcone may be sort of crunchy.

Every snowball stand is different and all serve up a host of different flavors and ways to enjoy a snowball. Some stands have some very interesting flavors such as condensed milk, pomegranate, Satsuma, and even coffee! It’s fun to try new ones and have different toppings every now an then. Condensed milk is a classic. It’s very hard to believe that people do not like it… strange! Here in the south we are definitely treated well with some amazing food and treats. New Orleans - style snowballs and beignets are so special to Louisiana and are just two examples of the many unique delicacies we have here! A pomegranate snowball with condensed milk is my favorite way to cool off in the summer. What is your favorite way to cool off and enjoy your snowball?