Smorgasburg Brooklyn, And The Famous Ramen Burger

Smorgasburg Brooklyn, And The Famous Ramen Burger

My thoughts on the famous Ramen Burger at the even more famous Smorgasburg

Jackie Montalvo

The famous Smorgasburg, Brooklyn Flea Food Market, aka the best (but rather expensive) place to get yummy and unique food in Brooklyn every Saturday and Sunday. This past Sunday I made my way to the Prospect Park location and tried the famous Ramen Burger.

If you haven't heard of the original Ramen Burgers, they are the brain child of Keizo Shimamot who encountered pork sandwiches with ramen buns while studying in Japan, and brought it back to his L.A. roots by throwing a burger patty into the mix.

Everyone talks about the Ramen Burger and if you peruse #RamenBurger on Instagram, you will be faced with hoards of people who too, have been drawn to this unique meal.

I was excited but skeptical to try this crazy contraption, I love ramen and I love burgers, but together they were just okay. The burger is $10 with two ramen rounds for buns, arugula, the meat patty, their special sauce and cheese. I wished instantly that I had not gotten the arugula on it because I knew that I didn't like it.

While I was eating it, I thought it was really good! The meat patty was cooked about medium-well to well done, but as the day wore on I think the ramen bun really started to upset my stomach. I'm not sure if it's because it has been so hot here, just like most of the United States right now, or because the bun just really didn't sit well with me but it's probably not something that I will try again.

Although I did not completely love this, my friend Sam who was with me did! I really think this is either your thing or it is not, but definitely something worth trying once if not for the novelty, for the fact that you can eat both ramen and a burger at the same time.

You can get your own Ramen Burger at all of these amazing locations | Smorgasburg | Williamsburg | Prospect Park | Fort Greene | Dumbo | Brooklyn Flea |Upstate NY | Queens: LIC | Smorgasburg LA | Corona Del Mar | Tokyo, Japan |

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