4 Free Apps That Could Save Your Life in an Emergency

4 Free Apps That Could Save Your Life in an Emergency

Taking 5 minutes to download these free smartphone apps can save you time and trouble if you find yourself in an accident or injured.


It can be argued that smartphones take up too much of our time and many argue that it has created a new social isolation -- especially for millennials. However, technology has given us the power incredible gifts such as medical advancements and a world of knowledge at our fingertips. Here are a few apps that can be life-changing in the event of the unexpected:

1. ICE Medical Standard App


ICE Standard is worlds first emergency medical contact information app that has been seen on the Rachel Ray Show and praised by former CIA officers. This app allows you to put in your emergency medical contact information on your smartphones lock screen if you are injured in an accident. First responders are then able to access all your emergency contact information as soon as they turn on your phone. This digital emergency card can list any allergies you have, preexisting health conditions and emergency contact information. This can make all the difference if you are hurt or in an accident.

This app is currently available on IOS and Android devices.

2. WellMatch


WellMatch is an app that allows you to be at the center of healthcare -- anywhere and anytime. This app allows you to gain access to healthcare questions, find medical locations and diseases with just the touch of a button. WellMatch allows you to check into the ER through your phone and even gets you quick access to emergency hotlines and health plan advice lines. According to Philadelphia injury lawyer, Thomas Anapol, "If you find yourself in a serious accident, having an app that efficiently records all medical data and gets you the quickest response time will not only help you get help immediately, but you will also have a place where all your information and files are stored."

This app is currently available on IOS and Android devices.

3. The Merck Manual


The Merck Manual can be considered a medical bible. This app was developed by over 300 medical experts and has all you need to know about several emergency situations and what to do. Since everything on this app is pre-downloaded, this is ideal to install before any big outing -- such as a camping trip. The self-containment of this app is ideal if you are in a low service area and without wi-fi. If you find your self in situations such as an allergic reaction or chemical burn, this app will tell you about the necessary steps to take and what to do if you find yourself in a bad situation.

This app is only currently available on IOS devices.

4. Companion


Companion is the "on call security app that always has your back." This personal safety app can help turn your friends and family in to your own private security team. Its simple and free. Companion allows you to select contacts in your phone and add a destination for your journey. While on your trip you can edit trip time or add a new destination for your journey. This app is incredibly valuable if you're planning a cross-country trip or just heading out for a night on the town!

Having these apps might take up your valuable storage space, but having them handy will be beneficial if an accident strikes. These free apps can be especially crucial in times when you don't have service or wifi. Embracing technology can make all the difference in how we live our everyday lives! Whether you're just going out for a jog or planning your next camping trip, taking 5 minutes to download can make all the difference when in danger.

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