10 Small, Local Restaurants To Support In Orlando, Florida
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10 Small, Local Restaurants To Support In Orlando, Florida, During Quarantine

Here is a list of 10 small, local restaurants offering delivery service that need your support in Orlando, Florida.

10 Small, Local Restaurants To Support In Orlando, Florida, During Quarantine

Many local restaurants are being severely impacted due to the coronavirus; therefore, right now the time is better than ever to be supporting them. Here is a list of 10 fantastic local restaurants offering delivery services that need your support in Orlando, Florida.

1. Farm and Haus

Farm and Haus is a family-owned restaurant that serves healthy delicious meals using organic and high nutrition ingredients. Because they are a new restaurant that just launched in 2015, they really need your support during this time.

2. 3 Natives

3 Natives is a small restaurant that serves healthy tasty items like acai bowls, smoothies, and cold press juices. Since they are a small restaurant in the community, they are especially important to support.

3. Hummus House

Hummus House is a local restaurant in Orlando that serves build your own pitas, salads, and bowls similar to Moe's or Chipotle but offers a wider variety of toppings and sides to choose from. Since they offer healthy meals at great prices, this is a great local business to support.

4. Sweet by Holly

Sweet by Holly is a small bakery that serves cakes and cupcakes and has options for vegans and vegetarians. Since the bakery offers a wide selection of flavors and caters to those with dietary restrictions, it is a great place to support while in quarantine.

5. The Townhouse Restaurant

The Townhouse Restaurant is a local, family-owned, and operated restaurant that serves items such as burgers, salads, sandwiches, and deserts at great prices. This restaurant has helped out in the community before, so it is important to show support back.

6. Black Rooster Taqueria

The Black Rooster Taqueria is a family-owned and operated restaurant that serves salads, tacos, bowls, sides, and desserts. They offer takeout pickup as well as delivery which makes them super convenient to buy and support.

7. Ice and Bites Cafe

Ice and Bites Cafe is a small, locally-owned cafe that serves teas, coffees, desserts, and quick bites. All of their menu items are relatively inexpensive, so this makes them a great business to support if you are trying to save money.

8. Omelet Bar

Omelet Bar is a small, modern restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch using fresh ingredients. They need your support so they can continue serving healthy meals to the community.

9. The Sanctum Cafe

The Sanctum Cafe is a local vegetarian and vegan restaurant that serves a variety of tasty healthy dishes that are almost all sourced local and organic. Considering this restaurant caters to vegans and sources food organically, they are another important eatery to support during the quarantine.

10. Coffee Factory and Cafe

Coffee Factory and Cafe is a local cafe with a warm atmosphere that makes fresh food and custom drinks ranging from lattes to smoothies. They need your support so they can continue to welcome people in and serve specially prepared drinks to the community.

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