5 Silver Linings To Finals Week

Finals week is absolute hell for the most part. However, like most things, there are definitely silver linings.

I know it's really hard to stay positive during a stressful week, but here are some things that you can remind yourself to make you feel even just a little bit better!

You don't have actual classes.

Not having classes on finals week is really nice, especially for those who have later exams. It means that we can spend more time studying and less time on assignments.

Everyone is going through the same thing you are. 

There is a sense of unity among everyone on finals week. When you go to the library, it's the same look of panicked determination on everyone's faces. Of course, you'll come across the occasional look of defeat, but sometimes you also have that look of defeat, too.

At FSU, the Union extends its hours. 

Of course, most of the Union is under construction; however, the little food court area has TONS of seating and it's a nice quiet place for kids to study. Normally it closes by five on weekdays and is never open on the weekends. They extend their closing times until 8-9pm, which is very nice and convenient.

The school in general tends to be nicer. 

Leading up to, but especially during finals week. the school tends to have more self care events where they let you play with puppies or they give out even more free food than usual. Last semester at the Union, they brought a Starbucks cart and donuts to the foodcourt!

Summer is right around the corner.

The more you keep yourself busy during finals week, the faster the week will go by, and the sooner summer comes. Whether you're going home or taking classes over the summer, it's going to be a lot nicer than this hellish week you just went through.

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