Some people will never understand, but us Mississippians know. It is common to look over all the great wonders Mississippi has, including the hilarious commentary that comes along with the people. Here are 10 sayings that most Mississippians have said, will say, or have heard said from a fellow neighbor.

1. "Give grandma some sugar."

No, the grandmother is not cooking. She just wants a kiss.

2. “Hotty Toddy!”

When you are in Oxford, MS, you may have been confused why everyone shouts that they want a Hot Toddy drink.

3. “Nabs”

You may be confused about what "nabs" are (peanut butter crackers). That's because the brand, Nabisco, has been out of business since the 70s. The proper name is Lance's Toast Chee peanut butter crackers just in case you are confused.

4. “My wife’s boyfriend sold his prosthetic leg on Craig’s list to afford me the opportunity to be here. But they get alone time and I get to be in Omaha.”

The things Mississippi baseball fans will do to go to Omaha.

5. "Bless your heart."

Going through some tuff stuff? Well then, bless your heart.

6. “Chicken from the gas station.”

Only real people know how good gas station fried chicken is.

7. "Ain't"

Some people argue that "ain't" is in the dictionary and that counts it as a word.

8. "Fixin’ to.”

It's just slang that's been passed down for generations now. They can't help it!

9. "Coke"

Coke means any soda drink. So if someone asks you "what kind of coke do you want", say any soft drink you want.

10. "Buggy.”

In Mississippi, buggy also means the shopping cart.

If you travel to Mississippi, try to pick out the southern slang used. And if you are from Mississippi, listen to what you say and see if you can realize the slang you, your friends, and family say... you will be surprised!