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Coming into college I had two requirements for my school -- besides academics, of course. It had to have Greek life and a football team.

It didn't matter to me whether the team was good or bad, but football games were a huge part of my high school career, so I knew I wanted to have them as a part of college.

It doesn't matter if your team always wins, or usually loses -- like ours. Games are fun, regardless. Chanting along with your friends on a wobbly bench is something you only get to experience for a short part of your life. Sure, there are those who remain lifetime fans of their alma matter and attend every game, but the experience changes after you graduate. 

My parents both went to UCLA and, growing up, I was taken with my little sister to countless tailgates and Bruin football games. Their success rate, at that time, was about the same as the Buffs success rate right now -- not very good for those who are not familiar with these teams. I remember very little about those games other than being dressed up in a UCLA cheerleading outfit and sitting in the stands as my parents mingled with their old friends from college. 

Now, as a student at a Pac-12 university, I get to experience it for myself. I love dressing up in black and gold and going out with my roommates to a tailgate, and then traveling with a huge group to the game. I love standing in the student section and chanting at the top of my lungs to every song. And I love going back out later that night because as the saying goes: win or lose, we still booze. 

The first game I went to my freshman year, I was shocked by the size of the student section at the game. I knew going into it that our football team did not have a good record, so I just figured that the fan base would be rather small. I quickly learned that many of the students here have the same mind set as I do -- football games are fun no matter the score. 

I know I will be a forever Buff. It is so cool to see families come out and set up their tailgates in parking lots outside the stadium with friends they met in college, all dressed in black and gold. I love that they respond to the “sko buffs” cat-calls we yell whenever students see someone in CU attire. I love that they bring out their shot-skis and pre game just as hard as they did when they attended the university. I love that they dress their kids up in CU cheerleader's outfits, just as my parents did with me. 

College is only a short part of my lifetime, and attending football games as a student is an even shorter part, so I intend to enjoy every inevitable loss that makes any win that much sweeter.

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