Going into this holiday season, I was a little skeptical of how I would feel about not having a significant other. Considering it's my first holiday season that I'll be spending single after having a long-term relationship, I was honestly nervous about what this season would bring. Nervous what my family would say or ask, that I wouldn't be able to face family get-togethers alone, or that it wouldn't feel the same without someone special to spend the holidays with. Nonetheless, being alone this holiday season has brought me so much clarity not only about myself but also about those around me.

For those of you spending the holidays alone, you will make it. You are valued and worthy of whatever this season of change may bring you.

Part of the reason that I was scared to be single was that I really didn't know how to be. Before my most recent breakup, I hadn't been single since high school, so essentially, life as I knew it was structured around being in a relationship. Nevertheless, this "single season" has been such a period of trial and error, and has brought me several teachable moments as I've navigated how to adapt to being on my own.

Sure, there are times where it absolutely sucks being single, especially while it seems like everyone around you is boo'd up going on cute winter dates, but I would rather be single and lonely than be in a relationship that I wasn't truly invested in, no matter how much it hurts to admit at times.

If being alone during the holidays is what is deterring you from being single, don't let it. Find a new hobby or call your girl gang - the Christmas tree shouldn't be the only thing getting lit this year. And trust me, girl, you don't need a man if you don't want one.