This is Why You Are Single

To me, there are really only two types of people. Ones that are always in relationships, and ones that never are. While you are taken, you feel like everyone around you is single. But when you are single you feel like everyone around you is in a relationship. Some people are also really good at relationships, like being able to hold them for a long time and/or have pretty clean breakups. Some people are just prone to dating someone for five seconds.

Ladies (and guys) hear me out on this one but if you are one who really has always been single, it might mean that you are an alpha female/male. What is an alpha female you ask? Well, it basically means that you are confident, independent, and ambitious.

I have never been a person who is in relationships, and when I am, it's kind of a shocker. None of them have really lasted, but sometimes I look back on them to think about what happened and in ways, I was in the right, and in the wrong, I usually come up with the same conclusion for myself every time.

I consider myself a very independent person. I hate asking for help, money, someone's time, etc. because I like to do/achieve things on my own. I'm also pretty confident in myself when it comes to me as a person, and I set the bar very high because I am an ambitious person and I have so many dreams, goals, and visions I see myself achieving, and I really don't let anything get in my way (if you knew me in person that is, if you tell me I cannot do something, challenge accepted, I'll do it).

There is nothing wrong with being this way, all 'alpha female' and what not. It just means that you can support yourself, and you really don't depend on others. I also don't want you guys to think I am hating on marriage. Marriage is great, and when it works, that's when they found the right match for their 'alpha-ness' (I'm really just talking about in the dating sphere mainly in this article)!

So, when you are down in the dumps about being single and what-not, think to yourself that you are just an alpha female (or male), and since you have so much beauty and confidence within yourself, you haven't found someone strong enough to be with you. (Sounds harsh, but that is the reality of it). So fear not, keep on being the best version of yourself and slaying as an alpha, and the right one will come around.

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