6 Signs You're Ready To Settle Down

6 Signs You're Ready To Settle Down

Some people would rather stay in on a Friday night and watch movies, order food in, and just relax.


Everyone thinks when you're twenty whatever, it's about going out and partying all the time, random hookups, nothing really ever serious. You picture going out all weekend drinking, meeting so many new people, stay out of the dance floor all night. But sometimes these aren't really things that some want. Some people would rather stay in on a Friday night and watch movies, order food in, and just relax. Here are some signs that you're ready to settle down.

​1. Dating is exhausting and you just really aren't interested in it.


Trust me, many of you may be on tinder looking at all sorts of people. You may get messages "Damn girl" or "wanna hang" all the time. People now a days are just looking for hookups, which is why it's so shocking to meet someone who is also ready to settle down.

2. You want to co-own a dog together.


Dogs are a big responsibility, it's honestly a commitment to the dog and each other. Dogs can live for years, 15 years so owning a dog together is something that needs a serious conversation. But if you are together and don't have a dog, but want to move on to a next step with your significant other, this is a great step. It prepares for children one day because of all the responsibility that comes with owning a loving dog.

3. Comfort over Style.


When you choose to wear no makeup, sweatpants, and your hair in a messy bun without caring what you look like, that's a good sign. You've become comfortable with your significant other that looks don't matter. Trust me, when settling down with someone you'll just think "take me as i am, or watch me as I leave"

4. You aren't willing to change for anyone.


You no longer care what people think about you or what they say about you. You know what you've done and what you haven't. There's no time for petty drama or dealing with BS.

5. You're goals to continue to grow bigger.


You want that huge house, brand new car you've dreamed about since you were younger, thinking about marriage and having children, even want to build a career. All the adults things, like a real career where you make good money to support a family without having to worry, even starting a retirement plan.

6. You get excited to clean/organize.


It makes you so happy to actually clean and get things together. Everything has a spot of where it goes and if moved to a different spot it drives you crazy. Items belong where they do, and cleaning becomes an everyday thing and not a chore.

Adulting is huge, some people aren't ready for it in their twenties and some are. It really just depends on you, some want it sooner than others. Some may even need it as they grow up because they just need to feel responsible for once instead of staying at home feeling like they aren't doing anything. But, becoming an adult takes a huge responsibility, make sure you're ready for it before you try to accomplish everything all at once.

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A Letter To The Love Of My Life

I never thought that I would find a love like ours.


There is so much beauty in you. Inside and out. I know I'm not supposed to call a man beautiful, but you are much so. I often try and think of another word to describe you, but I have yet to find one.

You are breathtaking. Your eyes are an ocean: sometimes a bright, stunning teal and other times a deep sea hue. The freckles on your back are stars in the night sky. Your smile stops my heart from beating as it sinks to my stomach. You laugh and there it is again, pounding deep in my chest.

You are unbelievable. I had never heard of a man like you. I didn't know that they existed. Now that I have you, I mean it when I say that I have never been so happy. I care so much for you.

You are my sunny days and my umbrella in the rainy ones. You are my light and my guide through the dark. You make every day worth living.

When we started speaking, I had plans that weren't meant for two. You saw the hurt that I had deep within me and you cared like no one ever has. You loved me when I thought love was nothing but a lie.

You showed me what love is. As my friend, you took care of me when I had lost all faith in myself. You were there when my 'best friends' weren't. You were my best friend. You saw every flaw in me and you loved me through it.

You didn't run away. You didn't criticize. You were the reason I began to believe in love again.

We have had our ups and downs. You were there at two in the afternoon and at three in the morning. You were there when I was distant.

You told me what I needed to hear and sometimes slapped me with the truth. You were there through other failed relationships. You knew before that those boys weren't the one for me because... well... you are.

I fell in love with you.

But you didn't know and I was too scared to tell you. I remember thinking of all of the times you used to come over just to watch TV with me and I was praying that you would randomly find the courage to kiss me. There are moments engraved in my mind where I thought, "I want this for the rest of our lives," but you had no clue. I would fall asleep on your chest and dream of you and me.

Right now, you're next to me sleeping soundly. My plans have changed. They still aren't intended for two -- I'm thinking maybe four or five? We can decide how many later. I wake up next to you and I go to sleep in your arms. You are a dream come true. I love you. Thank you.

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