20 Signs That This Is The Man You'll Marry
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20 Signs That This Is The Man You'll Marry

You probably already know, but if you're not sure, these are some tell-tale signs.

20 Signs That This Is The Man You'll Marry
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1. You'll feel comfortable at all times.

2. You'll never lose the attraction.

3. Fights won't end in a break-up.

4. You'll feel truly appreciated.

5. His little quirks won't annoy you... at least as much.

6. Your future with him makes perfect sense.

7. You'll be able to talk about anything with each other.

8. He remembers the small things.

9. He always brags about you and your relationship.

10. You're both willing to make sacrifices for one another.

11. Neither of you will let the other make too big of a sacrifice for the other.

12. You share the same values and morals.

13. He doesn't make an effort to change you.

14. He pushes you to be better each day.

15. He's a gentleman, no matter how long you've been together.

16. Even though you like your space, you don't mind sharing it with him.

17. He's the only person you're excited to tell everything to.

18. You can plan things further into the future without worrying.

19. You can cry in front of one another without being embarrassed.

20. You can't join in on your friends boyfriend-bashing because you don't have stuff to rant about.

21. You've both gotten close to each other's families.

22. You care about each other's friends.

23. You can vent to one another easily.

24. He randomly compliments you.

25. You're each other's number one priority.

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