11 Signs You Know You Have Been Friendzoned

The friend zone may or may not exist, but if it does - this is how you know you're in it.

1. The pat on the back hug


2. "Thanks, bud"

Ooo. Like a stab to the heart.

3. "You're a great friend"

How sweet, but ouch.

4. "Whoever ends up with you is one lucky person."

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times this has been said to me.

5. Listening to said person talk about who they like

It's like every word they say punches you in the face.

6. Having them ask you about what they should do when it comes to relationships

Bruh, I don't know about your other relationships, but I know what I would want.

7. Relating to characters in TV shows and movies who are in the friend-zone

You ever feel like Gordo?

8. "Same"

I don't know, I just feel this lot.

9. "You're like my brother/sister!"


10.  "Do you think I should ask *so and so* out?"

"Haha yeah sure!!!" *heart break*

11.  Hanging out with them is literally just that. It is nothing more. 

What's a date?

If you're in the friend zone, don't worry! So are thousands of other people! Hopefully, you'll get out of it one day.

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