How To Stay Positive And Cope With Glioblastoma

How To Stay Positive And Cope With Glioblastoma

Spread the brain cancer awareness and work to find the cure!

Sue Do

Cancer. No one wants to hear that word. No one wants to think about, and no one wants to have it. There are many different types of cancer, ranging from the most treatable to the most fatal. I recently lost a friend to glioblastoma, a type of brain cancer that spreads rapidly from the spine to the brain. This type of cancer is manageable with treatment but it cannot be cured.

Some of the symptoms of glioblastoma include:

1.Persistent headaches
2. Double or blurred vision
3. Nausea
5. Loss of appetite
6. Changes in mood or personality
7. Changes in ability to think and learn
8. Memory loss
9. New onset of seizures
10.Muscle weakness
11. Speech difficulty

Glioblastoma is a fatal type of cancer that is incurable, with a short prognosis depends on the age and health of the patient. It is unclear of the cause of this cancer. It can strike anyone at any age and spread from the spine to the brain. Treatment options for this time of cancer range from

  1. Chemotherapy
  2. Radiation
  3. Brain surgery
  4. Various medications

It is crucial that when you or your loved one who have this type of cancer to build a good support system. Some of us who have this condition may realize that we have limited time- the shortest is 12-14 months and the longest years are 3-5 years of survival.

These numbers are different, but it will not reflect who you are as a person. Your diagnosis does not take away the person that your family knows best.

When my friend was diagnosed last year, she kept going and stayed positive throughout the remaining months of her life with a smile. She drew the design for T-shirts and tote bags that says. “Stay Postive” to help spread the message of positivity during hard times.

In honor of my friend who passed on Valentine’s Day of this year, I would like to challenge all of you who are reading this article right now at this moment to spread positivity wherever you go. If you like to go further, please donate to the National Brain Tumor Society or if you are in the Bay Area, sign up for the Brain Tumor Walk on June 24, 2018.

The world needs more cures and love, not cancer.

My friend may be gone, But her positive spirit lives on.

Stay positive!

Discretion: Information for this article is found here. Please do not use this article to self-diagnose yourself, or your loved ones. This article is merely written to inform and spread awareness. If you think you have a medical emergency, please seek help from a medical professional.
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