After you've reached a certain point in your relationship, you notice yourself doing some ridiculous things that you'd only do if you're incredibly comfortable with someone. For me, I notice my boyfriend and I growing closer and closer as time goes on.

Here's a list of 20 things that prove we've become very comfortable with each other.

1. You got them hooked on your favorite TV show

My love for Law and Order: SVU has been shared with my boyfriend. Now, we binge watch it together.

2. You have a favorite restaurant you go to together 

Forget the stage where I'm too shy to admit where I want to eat. We both share the love for endless bread sticks.

3. You know what your significant other orders at every restaurant 

It has become easy to predict each other's orders, down to the beverage they want.

4. You splurge on unhealthy foods together. 

Every once in awhile, a nice ice cream date is necessary.

5. You text each other's family

Sometimes, you text certain family members more than your significant other.

6. You have shared embarrassing stories

You know those stories you swore you'd never tell anyone?

7. You can communicate strictly using facial expressions

In a silent room, we can still communicate just by looking at each other.

8. You begin to love their dog as if it was your own 

You know it's serious when their dog falls in love with you.

9. You share/steal clothes from each other

Some of my favorite articles of clothing are ones that don't actually belong to me.

10. You have inside jokes together

Laughing at something that no one else understands becomes a way of life.

11. You always have to share food/drinks

Forget the idea of having your food to yourself. Sharing is caring in a long term relationship.

12. You know how to get on each other's nerves

You most likely know the one thing that gets under your significant other's skin. (And use it to your advantage.)

13. You have a favorite song

You will purposely play this song every time you have the chance to, and you both know every lyric.

14. You allow yourself to be gross around each other

Burping contests? Yeah, those get pretty serious sometimes.

15. You have them tag along to everything

Family events? Birthday parties? Weddings? You have a built in date to any event.

16. You send ugly snapchats

You learn to embrace the "I woke up like this" selfies you send.

17. You learn how to compromise

You learn to pick your battles and not get your way sometimes.

18. You catch yourself shopping for them

A little too often, you catch yourself picking up things you wouldn't typically notice if it wasn't for your significant other.

19. You make ridiculous bets with each other

When you hear, "loser has to buy dinner" things get pretty serious.

20. You aren't afraid to admit how much you care for them

You'd tell anyone how you feel about your significant other.