This is for those of you who just... *yawns* get it. You get it.

1. You have at least three playlists dedicated to falling asleep.

One of them is your go-to, the next is if you're trying to switch it up a little bit, and the third is for pure desperation when the first two aren't working.

2. Your sleeping conditions have to be perfect.

AC? Cranked.

Blankets? Exactly three.

Pants? Optional.

3. You think that falling asleep should be easy.

Oh yes, I really enjoy my long nights of not feeling comfortable...ever. It shouldn't be this much trouble.

4.  Your Fitbit or sleep-tracking app doesn't understand why you wake up every single hour.

I wish I could tell you, Fitbit, I REALLY do.

5. Looking at how badly you slept just makes the day worse.

Five times awake...

Thirty times restless...

Sound familiar?

6. You're sleepy, no matter how much sleep you do or do not get.

"My Fitbit says I got 11 hours of sleep? Why am I so tired?"

"Oh, I was awake every single hour."

7. You've spent one of the countless nights awake on Google looking up "insomnia."

Did you know that it occurs more frequently in women? According to the National Sleep Foundation, at least.

8. Your professors/co-workers don't get it.

I promise, I'm not trying to fall asleep while standing up. It just keeps happening.

9. You secretly love the days you get at least four hours of solid sleep without interruptions.

Four hours of good sleep is better than six of bad sleep.

10. Hearing your alarm in the morning is the worst.

This can be true for everyone, but it's even worse for those of us who wake up every single hour or went through personal hell trying to fall asleep.

11. You've watched a lot of TV.

Another night of not being able to sleep? Are we going to choose Youtube, Netflix, or Hulu tonight?