Money or love

If You Would Leave Your Significant Other If They Didn’t Have A Dollar To Their Name, It’s Not True Love

Money will get you anything you want, unless it's a fairy tale romance.


We have all heard about the Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos split. Jeff Bezos's fortune amounts to 140 BILLION dollars. With that money, he could have bought absolutely anything in the world that he wanted. I mean, what would you choose to buy with that wealth? However, in the end, the one thing he couldn't buy was, clearly, a happy marriage.

Let's take a moment to imagine that you jump into the future 50 years. What aspects of your life are you reflecting on?

Are you thinking about the outfits you wore, the status you showed off with your nice car, and all the money you had to spend on things you wanted?

Or are you measuring the quality of your life through the relationships you had with others? Maybe, most significantly, a romantic relationship?

If you've turned on the radio recently, you'll know that it's no secret that one thing almost everyone desires the MOST is true love.

Our society has learned to laugh at that notion, saying that companionate/ realistic love is really the only type of romance people get in real life.

So what do we do? We turn to money. It fills all the emotional voids we have in our unfulfilling lives. Yes, our unfulfilling lives. If you were satisfied with every aspect of your life, there would be no need for spending money aside from survival essentials.

When you turn your back on the idea of true love because you deem it "unreal" and turn to money, you may as well call yourself Alexander Hamilton because you are setting yourself up for a long life of feeling unsatisfied. Because, the truth is, fairy tale romances do actually exist.

But money will never buy it for you.

In fact, it may distract you and create the illusion of true love. Just because you enjoy the fancy gifts, homes, and trips someone can provide you does not mean you are absolutely, truly, head over heels in love with them.

If you wouldn't be with your partner if they didn't have a dollar to their name, it's not true love.

You can't pay for someone to truly love you, and extravagant gifts will never buy someone's love, just their comfort.

So if you can't buy love, how do you get it?

You've been hearing this since grade school, but getting your priorities straight is a MUST.

Work is important, and earning a salary is necessary. But work and money should never be what is most important in life, and you should never prioritize money above a significant other.

Finding the person you are meant to be with takes time, and maintaining the love between the two of you is no simple task.

Always put your significant other ahead of any desire of yours. Their needs should always come first, and for them, your needs will always come first.

It's the little things that keep people madly in love, not something money can buy.

The conversations you have with each other from the heart, the extra burden you put on yourself one day to allow your significant other to sleep in, or the meal you prepare for them so they have one less thing to worry about. The little, everyday things remind your S/O that they mean the world to you. Not the amount of money they're willing to spend for you.

So next time you're counting up your money to see if you have enough to afford the next new fun thing you want, consider how worthless it actually is to the quality of your life.

Love will bring your life value. Money will you bring you materials.

Don't settle for someone you're comfortable with. Find that person you would be with if they didn't have a dime in the world because that person will make you happier than any amount of money or materials ever could.

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My First Kiss Was Less Fireworks And More Braces Clashing

Yes, that is a photo of me the night of the magical event.


It all started with my polka-dot bedazzled iPhone 4 sending a group text to my best friend at the time and two boys. One was a friend and one was a crush. They came as a pair as most middle schoolers do. My friend and I invited the boys to come to a movie with us.

Obviously, my mom would drop us off. We could walk in alone... we were 13... pretty many adults.

The night started with my friend and I getting all dolled up. I had the under part of my hair hot pink and feather extensions paired with side bangs. My outfit chosen to woo my crush was a tie-dye tank top, light wash shorts with diamonds on the pockets, and black fringe sandals. You already know I was wearing Victoria's Secret push-up bra to make sure my A cups were looking just right.

My face was caked with the foundation to cover my acne, a winged liner, lots of lipgloss, and my purple braces. For accessories, I brought my Vera Bradley wristlet attached to a lanyard because I thought it made me look older (I don't understand my thought process either just go with it). In my wristlet, I had my student ID in the clear part to make it look like a real ID. As if anyone thought I was of the age to have a real ID. I must say all together it was truly a look.

To start off my magical evening my friend and I were dropped off downtown Franklin where we at chicken fingers at McCreary's Irish Pub. We then walked to Sweet CeCe's because my mom was a little late picking us up. We then drove to the movie theater.

My mom dropped us off and we went in looking so fly. We bought our tickets and met the boys in the arcade. It was super romantic, duh. We went into the movie and things didn't go as planned. The guy I had a crush on saw some other girls he knew and... he went to sit with them.

Obviously, I was devastated.

First kiss boy, no offense, but you weren't the first choice for the movie date. So, I and first kiss boy sat next to each other. The arm went around my shoulders, he put his hat on me, and that was truly the done deal. I know my ladies swooned at a guy putting his sweaty flat bill on you in middle school. Don't even try to deny it. Anyways, he kissed me. It was gross, lots of lip gloss and lots of braces. I'm pretty sure it lasted about five seconds.

And that was it. The magical moment I had dreamed of after watching every chick flick and Disney movie turned out to be kinda gross and no fireworks went off. Definitely didn't have a Princess Mia foot pop.

Even though it wasn't a fairytale I wouldn't change a thing. First kisses are funny and are meant to be kinda icky. Shout out to you first kiss boy. Thanks for a super weird experience.

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To My Parents, On Their 21st Anniversary

Your incredible relationship doesn't go unnoticed.


Last weekend, I was hanging out with my family and we began sharing stories about how my grandparents, parents, and aunts and uncles met. Each story had its own special charm, from my parents being the classic high school sweethearts, to my aunt and uncle spotting each other from across a bar and knowing it was going to be something special, to my grandma boldly asking my grandpa to dance. Even though I wasn't there to witness the beginnings of these relationships, I am lucky enough to be able to see the bond between my parents firsthand every day and have learned so much about love and strength from them.

The relationship that my parents have built is so much more than just that of husband and wife. They are also best friends with countless inside jokes, dance partners with the kitchen as their dance floor, travel companions, and the most incredible parents that I could ever ask for. I'm sure that when they started dating in high school all those years ago, my parents couldn't have imagined all the things that they would go through on their journey together, but I'm also sure that they wouldn't trade that journey for the world.

In the 21 years my parents have been married, it's no secret that they've gone through their share of ups, downs, disagreements, and controversy. Some days they are slamming doors, other days they are laughing with each other to the point of tears, and sometimes these things happen within 30 minutes of one another. Although their relationship, like any other relationship, will never be perfect, the way that they come together to support and love one another despite their occasional battles is executed nearly flawlessly.

My parents make little decisions together every day about what show to watch or who's driving my brother to practice, and they've also conquered big decisions together, like figuring out the best way of telling their three young children that their dad had been diagnosed with cancer. Between the difficult task of raising three kids, taking care of one another in their sickest and most vulnerable moments, and working through the day-to-day disagreements, I've been shown that hard times truly can make a relationship stronger, and that even on the worst days, the love that they have for each other can still shine through.

Every love story is special, but in my biased opinion, I am sure that the story that my parents have begun to write and continue to craft together is one of the best. The way that they care about one another so effortlessly doesn't go unnoticed. In a world of divorce and failed relationships, it's definitely a blessing that my siblings and I are given such a great example of how passionate, silly, and meaningful a marriage can and should be. I am so lucky to be able to strive to model my own future relationship after that of my mom and dad, who have emulated their vows of marriage in every way possible.

So, here's to 21 years of marriage, of loud, pointless arguments that usually end in hysterical laughter, of painfully awful singing duets in the car, of getting through the good days and the bad, of building an unbreakable family, of lifelong commitment, and to being two amazing individuals who are even better together.

Mom & Dad,

I love you and happy anniversary!

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