It was a warm night in New Jersey. My best friend and I decided to take advantage and go on an adventure of sorts. We left our rooms around midnight and walked all around campus with no reason in mind, we just wanted to leave our rooms. We walked the whole campus, but still wanted to stay outside. We were just enjoying the quietness and the fresh air, neither of us wanted it to end.

I don't typically walk around a public area at some ungodly hour of the day, but we came across a hammock. It sounds weird to an outsider in this friendship, but that hammock dignified a special bond we have. If we were bored and could go, we'd be in that hammock. If one of us were going through something, we'd be at that hammock and talk about it. Even if it was cold out. The only thing stopping us was the rain or snow (no one wants that). Sure, there are benches and like, three gazebos...and chairs with tables but we didn't want that.

Breaking down the aspects of a hammock, I think it was the realization that in those times, it was ours. Her name is Kristina and she is a fantastic person, and I've known for only a few months, but it feels like a lifetime. We share things that we wouldn't tell other people. We'd talk about our days, our professors, our peers, what we want to do this upcoming weekend, and so on. Nothing was off limits.

This article is not just about the night have we discovered the hammock, it's about making a friend, a best friend I should say. We insult each other, cry to each other, and we've seen each other at our best and worst. We've made friends and enemies together, and have been through thick and thin together. She helps me prep for interviews, and she helped me create a club on campus, and is now the Vice President. She is amazing. I've made many other friends, close friends who I would do anything in my power to help them with, but the relationship we have bounded together is very rare.

Know that I love you with all my heart. I am so happy I got to meet you, and that even though I creeped you out with my constant questions in the beginning (which I don't think where so out of the ordinary btw), you came to my room and I gave you a hug (which you hated, I now know) and we've just moved on from there.

Thank you for being there for me in times of distress, and for putting up with my shit. It has been a crazy, wonderful few months, and I am excited for the months and years to come.