Yay! We're officially in the Autumn season now. We can drink our Pumpkin coffees or lattes and eat our cider donuts. Everyone's breaking out those boots, wool socks, and favorite scarves. One more thing we need to break out is the illness emergency kit.

With the weather getting colder, our days are only limited until we catch a cold or worse....THE FLU! So keep those emergency cold/flu survival kits handy in case you end up with one of those dreadful illnesses.

1. Tissues

The sniffles are terrible. But what's even worse is your family making jokes about how you better catch your runny nose before it runs away.

2. Oversized Sweater

They're so comfortable and warms. Not to mention they keep you looking semi-fashionable while you're sick in bed

3. A warm and comfy blanket

A sweater isn't going to be all that you need to cuddle in bed to keep warm.

4. Hot Tea

I swear by green tea and honey. Especially when you're dealing with a dry and itchy throat from coughing so much.

5. Soup

Chicken Noodle Soup, mm-mm-mmm. Not sure if it helps fight the sickies, but it sure does taste yummy.

6. Stack of Movies

Since you're not doing anything today or maybe the next few days, it looks like a good time to start watching some movies that you haven't seen in awhile.

7. Favorite Book

When you when out of movies to watch, or if you just don't want to watch the movies, you can always rely on your favorite book or book series.

8. Your journal

Maybe if you're sick it's the perfect time to write about being sick for your odyssey article.

9. Your teddy

You can't forget about your teddy, who's been patiently waiting for you to cuddle with him/her.

10. Homework

And last but not least, you could always stay caught up and work on your homework. You know how it is in college, you could simply blink in an eye in class and feel weeks behind, so don't let being out sick actually make you fall behind.

No one wants to get sick. But maybe if you have all the right things close to you when the time comes, being sick won't be as dreadful. Wishing y'all a healthy and fun Autumn!