Siblings are a blessing to have, whether they are brothers or sisters. Whether you are the older sibling or not. Even if you are an only child, you have people who are close to you that are like siblings. They understand you like no one else does. Even if you and them don’t see eye to eye all the time, they are more important to you than you ever thought. They are the ones that you share some of the best stories with, someone who understands your emotions, someone to look up to, and someone who would protect you and vice versa.

Have you ever thought that you would miss your sibling when you fight most of the time? “No” is the typical answer that most people would give. I thought the same exact thing, but I found out differently. My sister and I fought all of the time, so I thought that I wouldn’t miss her once I left for college. Oh boy, I was wrong. I missed her like crazy, I didn’t think that was possible. The truth is that now there isn’t anyone right by your side that shares your craziness or understands you. You can’t go to them in their room down the hall to get advice on what to do or just sit and talk with them when you are upset. What you think you will feel and what you actually feel are two completely different things.

Some of the best stories come from what you and your siblings did together. Those moments are absolutely priceless. You can’t share moments with others like you do with your siblings. It just is naturally easier to spend time and laugh with them. They don’t judge you, they have seen you at your worst and best. Siblings are there for you when no one else is.

Siblings can feel when the other is upset or happy or angry. They understand your emotions like no one ever has, sometimes even better than yourself. The best part is that after explaining the situation, they help to come up with a plan to solve it or they have the same emotions about it. You can tell them anything and they are always there, they won’t run and tell all your secrets. It’s nice to know that someone knows you more than anyone else on the entire earth.

Whether they are the little or big brother or sister, you always have someone to look up to. There are always aspects of each other that you are proud of each other for. Someone that you wish to be like someday. I look up to my little sister all the time, and she looks up at me. I wish I had some of the great qualities that she possesses and she feels the same way about me. We are definitely “two peas in a pod.”

Although, some people would disagree, but you would protect your sibling or siblings from any harm. At some points, we all have the thought that they are big enough to take care of themselves. In all honesty, sometimes you just need another person there. It may not be for physical protection, but for emotional protection or support. Even if you are upset with them at the time, you would do anything for them. Protection is definitely a big topic when it comes to siblings. We try to protect each other the best we can, sometimes it isn’t enough. All we can do is be there for them. I know sometimes it isn’t easy to be there, especially when they did something bad, but they need support in times of need. That is the least we can do for them.

Sometimes, they are either a blessing or a curse, but it isn’t worth changing it for the world. Especially when they are a huge part of your world.